Getting About in the South of Ashford

Help to Shape a Sustainable Transport Strategy

Do you live in the South of Ashford area, broadly between Shadoxhurst and Stanhope and/or Kingsnorth and Great Chart? Are there different choices you make about getting to and from work/school/shopping on a daily basis or are you at home more often? And what are your thoughts about different forms of transport and the infrastructure within Ashford? If any of this sounds like something which concerns you then please take this brief survey to share your voice. 

What do we mean when we talk about Green Active Travel or terms like Sustainable Transport? These phrases are at the forefront of a rapidly evolving market for greener forms of transport in the race to slow or even reverse climate change. We might already be making changes to our own behaviour or our day-to-day choices in an effort to reduce emissions. Or we might be finding such changes are simply too costly to implement. Sometimes it's a combination of time and money that we simply cannot afford when it comes to doing our part for climate change.

Ashford Borough Council is taking a leading role in climate change which is why the Council pledged to make its own operations carbon neutral by 2030. The aim is for the whole of the Borough to be carbon neutral by 2050. Crucially places like the South of Ashford Garden Community should be modelling some of the change the Borough is looking to make. The Garden Community was established with principles on environmentalism and sustainability, principles which were set by local people who were consulted during the formation of a Vision for the new community.

Kent County Council and Ashford Borough Council are working in partnership to understand the challenges local people face in getting about. They seek to produce a Sustainable Transport Strategy which can address some of these challenges. It's a strategy that seeks to integrate the South of Ashford Garden Community with existing communities, to address increasing traffic problems and to promote active travel such as walking and cycling. Of course promoting anything will require infrastructural improvements and greater opportunities to diversify where and at what time we go to work, school and so on. It will require further innovation in transport technology, greater investment in public transport and improvements to public safety on our roads and footways. 

Please take the time to answer the survey as it will greatly help ensure plans respond to local need. 

Timeline of this Survey

Survey open 17 September 2021
Survey closes 17 October 2021
Outcomes of the Survey published by 1st December 2021

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Over the next 30 years, the South of Ashford Garden Community (SAGC), comprised of three developments as outlined below, will in total deliver significant change to this part of the Borough. Everything from a mix of market and affordable housing to commercial and community facilities along with necessary infrastructure is in train. One of the big aims for this new community is to see transport infrastructure reflect 21st century ambitions for greener and safer streets. Upgrades to existing rural lanes will need to include speed control measures which improve public safety, giving priority to pedestrians and encouraging walkable neighbourhoods. Sustainable drainage systems will be prioritised in combination with other environmental improvement works, whilst digital connectivity is ensured for all in keeping with the Borough’s pre-existing commitments.

Kent County Council (the highways authority) works closely with Ashford Borough Council to coordinate improvements to roadways and public transport. As more people move into the Community, greater numbers will want to access Ashford town centre shops and facilities, workplaces and the station. Good quality public transport is crucial if residents are to have a realistic alternative to using their cars. Transport planning has been integral to discussions with the developer consortium, which began many years back when Chilmington Green was first conceived as a place for urban expansion. 

Chilmington Green (the largest at 5,750) is on-site and nearing 175 completions (houses sold) this coming Autumn. There are considerable transport and infrastructural improvements associated with this development which are captured within its Section 106 agreement. This includes the dualling of the A28 corridor between the Matalan and Tank Roundabouts in several years time. This will be delivered by the County Council as a major project.

The other two sites of Court Lodge and Kingsnorth Green are within the Ashford Local Plan and have yet to reach determination at committee but are in the final stages of consultation. Whilst these are smaller developments of up to 1000 and 550 homes respectively, they are likely to catch-up with Chilmington Green at pace and will need to be delivered in coherence with existing development.

Further details of the South of Ashford Garden Community can be found at the link below:

Key themes for the Sustainable Transport Strategy

  • Bridleways within the SAGC and proposed within Discovery Park
  • Footways, existing and proposed designs / changes
  • Bus provision and public transport existing and proposed
  • Cycling infrastructure existing and proposed
  • Vehicular movement, flows and speed calming measures
  • Behavioural shifts in work/leisure, local opportunities

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