Main Changes to Local Plan 2030


The full details of all the Main Changes are provided within this Consultation document. Part 1 of the consultation contains amendments to text and content within the Regulation 19 – June 2016 Version of the Local Plan 2030. Part 2 of the consultation contains a number of completely new topic and site policies and a new appendix. Please use the menu tree on the right or the 'next' and 'previous' buttons at the bottom of the page to navigate to the sections you wish to view.

What are the significant 'Main Changes'?

  • The overall requirement for housing has increased from 14,680 to 16,120 dwellings. This reflects the review of the Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) carried out in 2016 to reflect the new national population projections. This extra requirement is proposed to be met by a combination of additional capacity on existing proposed allocations, a series of new allocations, and increased assumptions about delivery from windfall schemes. Policy SP2 – Strategic Approach to Housing Delivery has been replaced to reflect this (see MC4).

Existing (2016) allocations have increased capacities as follows:

In addition, and in order to also address the 5 year housing land supply issue, new housing allocations have been identified at:

Urban Area

A20 Corridor

Rural Area


  • New policy HOU18 promotes a range and mix of dwelling types and sizes on sites of 10 dwellings or more (MC86)
  • Windfall housing policies have been amended to provide a reasonable balance between the longstanding Local Plan policy of resisting any new general market residential development outside the built up confines of identified settlements and the NPPF’s less restrictive approach to rural housing, particularly where such development could be regarded as “sustainable development” (MC50 & MC51)
  • Deletion of the proposed park and ride site at the Warren (MC64)
  • Deletion of the housing allocation - S39 Lower Road, Woodchurch (MC43)
  • A new policy for the former Bombardier works site at Chart Road for commercial uses but which safeguards the area of the site adjacent to the railway including the railway sidings for operational railway use (MC87)
  • The overall level of allocated land for economic development has been increased to 22 hectares by increasing the site area of the Waterbrook S16 allocation (MC23).
  • Affordable Housing Policy HOU1 has been amended to reflect new guidance to remove the starter homes reference and require an amended mix of affordable 'home ownership' products being included in the policy requirement in different parts of the Borough. (MC48)
  • New policy SP7 seeks to resist the coalescence or merging of two or more separate settlements or the erosion of a gap between settlements resulting in the loss of individual identity or character. (MC85)