Delivering a Sustainable Town Centre (MC6)

Page 30 Policy SP5 Parag 3.130

Response to reps 1705, 1750

Town centre boundaries reference map correction in paragraph 3.130:

3.130 Ashford town centre (as defined in the Topic Policy Detailed Map: SP5 Ashford Town Centre) is the key focus for shopping and services in the borough and will play an increasingly important role at the heart of the Borough’s economy. The town centre is the most accessible location in the Borough and, with an attractive historic core, is a pleasant place to visit. It is an important shopping centre, especially for people living in the urban area, but it competes with centres such as Canterbury, Maidstone and Bluewater. Many Borough residents living outside the town visit less frequently and do their ‘comparison’ shopping (clothes and one-off purchases) elsewhere. The town centre needs to respond to this diversion of ‘spending power’ by strengthening its role and its own special offer and identity.