Main Changes to Local Plan 2030

The Design Process (MC7)

Page 36 Para 3.160


Amend paragraph 3.160 in Promoting High Quality Design – The Design Process, as follows:

3.160 Design issues start to emerge even before the draft local plan stage when potential site allocations are discussed with local people and site promoters before becoming site policies in the Plan. To build community involvement from the outset and work with local people to drive design quality the Council may use a variety of tools – such as public exhibitions/ surgeries and collaborative design workshops. The actual combination of tools used will depend on the scale and nature of the site in question. The package of supporting design guidance includes National design guidance such as ‘The Manual for Streets’, the Urban Design Compendium and Sport England’s ‘Active Design’; local design guidance including the Kent Design Guide and , development briefs and Supplementary Planning Documents and, in the rural areas, Village Design Statements help to make up the package of supporting design guidance.