Policy S57 - Hamstreet, Land at Warehorne Road (MC100)

Policy S57 – Hamstreet, Warehorne Road


The site, although located within Warehorne Parish boundary, is situated to the west of the built up part of the village of Hamstreet and lies along the northern edge of Warehorne Road. It is bounded by the A2070 on its western edge, the Ashford - Hastings railway line on the eastern edge, and a ditch and sewage treatment works on the north east. Beyond the railway line is residential development marking the edge of Hamstreet’s built up area.

The landscape surrounding the site is characterised by a mix of rolling agricultural fields and urban infrastructure. The boundary with Warehorne Road, the A2070, and the railway line, are defined by mature hedgerows which limit visibility of the site. There is currently no built development on the northern side of Warehorne Road in this location, but there is a small amount of housing opposite the site which consists of 2 rows of terraced cottages. The site is currently part of a larger field, used for grazing, and the topography of the land rises from east to west.

The site, being close to the built up edge of Hamstreet, is within easy walking distance of a range of services as well as transport links including Hamstreet Station. Vehicular access to the site would be from Warehorne Road however there are off site constraints, particularly pedestrian accessibility along Warehorne Road, which must be addressed before the site can be commenced.

A small part of the eastern area of the site lies within Flood Zones 2 and 3 and therefore it is unlikely that development in this part of the site would be acceptable; however a full flood risk assessment would need to be carried out in consultation with the Environment Agency.

At 3.0 hectares in size the site is considered suitable for approximately 50 dwellings. This would result in a density of around 17 dph, which is reflective of the edge of a settlement location of the site, and takes into account flooding constraints. Given this edge of settlement location, the character and appearance of the surrounding areas and varying topography of the site, a scheme of 2-3 storey buildings would be most appropriate here. The design and layout must take account of the amenity of nearby residents and the occupiers of the site, given its close proximity to the sewage works, A2070 and railway line.

Hamstreet is a large village with a good range of local facilities and there have been a number of new residential developments in recent years that have been completed that have made a contribution to the improvement to local facilities. The scale of development proposed on this site is significant in a village context and it is therefore particularly important that the scheme makes an appropriate contribution to the facilities of the village so as to cater for the additional demand generated. The scale of such a contribution will be negotiated with the Borough Council (in consultation with the two relevant Parish Councils).

The northern extent of the Dungeness, Romney Marsh and Rye Bay Ramsar site lies to the south of the site in the vicinity of the Royal Military Canal. All applications for the development of this site should therefore include an Environmental Impact Assessment study demonstrating how the proposals will effect upon the integrity of the biodiversity of this designated wildlife environment area. Development that will have an adverse effect on the integrity of this designated site will not be permitted. Opportunities to incorporate and enhance biodiversity will be encouraged. In particular, development should take opportunities to help connect and improve the wider ecological networks in this area and to mitigate against any potential increase in recreational pressure that may arise from the development of this site.

Southern Water’s assessment has revealed that additional sewerage infrastructure would be required to serve the proposed development. The development will therefore be required to make a connection to the nearest point of adequate capacity in the sewerage network. Early liaison should take place with the service provider in this regard.

Policy S57 – Hamstreet, Warehorne Road

The site at Warehorne Road is proposed for residential development with an indicative capacity of 50 dwellings. Development proposals for this site shall:

  1. Be designed and laid out in such a way as to protect the character and setting of the site, paying particular attention to the frontage on Warehorne Road, the topography of the site and the sites relationship with agricultural land to the north;
  2. The site should be designed and laid out so as to protect the amenity of those living within the new development, paying particular attention to adjacent transport uses and the nearby sewage treatment works;
  3. Primary vehicle access shall be from Warehorne Road and any proposal shall consider the need to make improvements to the highway to facilitate safe vehicle and pedestrian movement;
  4. Include a comprehensive landscaping scheme that seeks to make provision for the retention and enhancement of existing natural features within the site. In addition, proposed new landscaping should provide generous soft landscaping along the northern edge of the site in order to lessen its visual impact;
  5. Retain and enhance the current hedge boundaries fronting Warehorne Road;
  6. Be accompanied by a full flood risk assessment that has been prepared in consultation with the Environment Agency. The development shall be laid out to ensure that the built footprint avoids the flood zones;
  7. Provide an appropriate contribution towards the provision, management and maintenance of related community facilities and infrastructure;
  8. Provide new pedestrian and cycle routes throughout the development to connect with the adjoining development and to improve links to the existing built up part of the village;
  9. Provide a connection to the nearest point of adequate capacity in the sewerage network, in collaboration with the service provider;
  10. Provide an Environmental Impact Assessment Study to address any potential adverse impacts of the proposals on the biodiversity of the Dungeness, Romney Marsh and Rye Bay Ramsar site and how they can be avoided or mitigated.