Main Changes to Local Plan 2030

Policy ENV12 - Air Quality (MC78)

Page 247 Policy ENV12 Parag 5.390

Admin; response to reps 1185, 1226

Amend paragraph 5.390 within Air Quality section as follows:

“….There are currently no areas within the Borough where the air quality fails to meet the required standards, and there are no designated Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs). However, future development in the Borough has potential to impact upon air quality. Should an AQMA be declared in the lifetime of the plan, further development will be permitted in and around that area only if acceptable measures to offset or mitigate any potential impacts have been agreed as part of the proposal. In that case, an air quality assessment will be required if the proposal is likely to have a significant effect, which takes account of existing background levels of air pollutants, the cumulative effects of development on individual sites, as well as a feasibility assessment for mitigation measures to ensure air quality objectives are not exceeded.