Main Changes to Local Plan 2030


Page 269 Paras 6.1 - 6.3


Edit paragraphs 6.1- 6.3 and insert new paragraph within Monitoring and Review Chapter 6 as follows:

6.1 It is essential that the policies in this new Local Plan are monitored so that early action can be taken to overcome any barriers to delivery of the Plan's objectives and policies. This is particularly important where there are key pieces of infrastructure that need to be delivered in a timely manner to enable development to proceed. Monitoring is also important to enable communities and interested parties to be aware of progress and ensure that the overall development plan strategy is being delivered.

6.2 The Borough Council produces an Annual Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) that which sets out the overall performance of planning policies set out in the various DPDs that have been prepared previously - each DPD has a set of Key Indicators that are used to monitor overall progress and are reported on within the AMR. The Monitoring Report AMR will also provides up-to-date information on the implementation of any neighbourhood plans that are in progress or have been made. and to determine whether there is a need to undertake a partial or full review of the Local Plan.

6.3 The Council's view is that there needs to be a consolidation of the various indicators that have been previously used into a set that can be easily interpreted and reflect the current Local Plan and accompanying Sustainability Appraisal Objectives. Such indicators will be included within the submission version of this Plan . Therefore a revised list of Monitoring Indicators relevant to the policies within this Local Plan has been prepared and can be located at Appendix 6 (See MC 106).

The Council's framework for monitoring of this plan will be These revised indicators, grouped by topic area, are based on the following objectives:

  • To check the effectiveness of policy and whether it is delivering sustainable development;
  • To check the timely delivery of key infrastructure;
  • To assess the extent to which policies are being implemented and whether development targets are being met;
  • Where policies are not being implemented, then explain why;
  • To identify policies that need may require early review if necessary.

The Council recognises that the Local Plan is a long-term strategy, and intends to formally review the plan by 2025, as set out in the introduction of this document. It is not proposed to undertake short-term formal reviews of the Local Plan unless it is clear from the monitoring reporting that key elements of the strategy are not being delivered.