Main Changes to Local Plan 2030


Vision (MC2)

Page 11 ‘The Vision’ paras 3.10, 3.11 and 3.13

Factual update and Response to Reps 2681, 1373, 808

Proposed changes to ‘Vision’ paragraphs in Chapter 3

Paragraph 3.10  The other rural service centres of Charing, Hamstreet and Wye will remain important providers of local shops and services, with care taken to conserve and enhance their historic centres, whilst delivering new development of a scale appropriate to the individual characteristics of the settlement. and the delivery of limited development.  Smaller rural settlements will also provide smaller scale new development, to help sustain local communities, whilst conserving and enhancing historic centres and heritage assets.

Paragraph 3.11 The identity and attractive character of the Borough’s rural area, with its range of attractive settlements, wealth of heritage assets and its expansive countryside, including the Kent Downs AONB to the north and the High Weald AONB to the south, will be protected conserved and enhanced.

Paragraph 3.13 A positive approach to adapting to, and mitigating against the effects the adaptation of, climate change will be secured by promoting sustainable transport, sustainable energy technologies, and encouraging sustainable building design; avoiding development in areas at greatest risk of flooding; protecting and enhancing green networks; carefully considered considering the location, new layouts and designs of new housing areas; and promoting sustainable drainage and challenging water efficiency standards.