Main Changes to Local Plan 2030

Policy SP1 - Strategic Objectives (MC3)

Page 12 POLICY SP1

Response to Reps 1376; 2172

Amend Policy SP1 – Strategic Objectives as follows:

Policy SP1 - Strategic Objectives

To deliver the Vision, a number of strategic objectives have been identified. They form the basis of this Local Plan’s policy framework, as well as providing the core principles that planning applications are expected to adhere to.

a. To focus development at accessible and sustainable locations which utilise existing infrastructure, facilities and services wherever possible and makes best use of suitable brownfield opportunities;

b. To protect conserve and enhance the Borough’s historic and natural environment including designated and undesignated landscapes and biodiversity and promote a connected green infrastructure network that plays a role in managing flood risk, delivers net gains in biodiversity and improves access to nature. its built heritage and biodiversity

c. To conserve and enhance designated and non-designated heritage assets and the relationship between them and their settings in a way that promotes distinctive places, proportionate to their significance. Place-based heritage will be a key principle underpinning design and spatial form of development;

c.d. To create the highest quality design which is sustainable, accessible, safe and promotes a positive sense of place through the design of the built form, the relationship of buildings with each other and the spaces around them, and which responds to the prevailing character of the area;

d.e. To ensure development is supported by the necessary social, community, physical and e-technology infrastructure, facilities and services with any necessary improvements brought forward in a co-ordinated and timely manner;

e. f. To promote access to a wide choice of easy to use forms of sustainable transport modes, including bus, train, cycling and walking to encourage as much non-car based travel as possible and to promote healthier lifestyles;

f. g. To provide a mix of housing types and sizes to meet the changing housing needs of the Borough’s population, including affordable and starter homes, self build and custom build properties, specialist housing for older and disabled people residents, accommodation to meet the needs of the Traveller community, and spacious, quality family housing and for newly forming and downsizing households;

g. h. To provide a range of employment opportunities to respond to the needs of business, support the growing population and attract inward investment;

 i. To ensure new development is resilient to, and mitigates against the effects of climate change by reducing vulnerability to flooding, promoting development that minimises natural resource and energy use, reduces pollution and incorporates sustainable construction practices, including water efficiency measures.