Main Changes to Local Plan 2030

Delivery of Retail and Leisure Needs (MC5)

Page 30 Para 3.128

Admin update

Amend paragraph 3.128 with regards to convenience retail need:

3.128 With regard to the provision of convenience retail need, since the RLNA was completed, planning permission has been granted for 1,750sqm of A1 convenience retail within the Ashford Town Centre Policy Area, for an Aldi supermarket. This permission provides for the need for convenience retail within the town centre, under the ‘claw back’ scenario, until at least 2025. In terms of the need for the remainder of the plan period, in order to maintain flexibility, it is not considered appropriate to allocate a specific site. The need is only required if it is possible to further re-distribute the market share to improve Ashford’s convenience provision, therefore the delivery of such a proposal will be very much market driven and there is also significant uncertainty regarding retail forecasts beyond this time. It is considered that a flexible approach should therefore be maintained to enable this any further proposals to come forward within the Town Centre Policy area, as set out in Policy SP5. Proposals will be required to demonstrate that they accord with Policy EMP9 (Sequential and Impact Assessments) and proposals for convenience provision out of town will be strongly resisted through that policy.