Main Changes to Local Plan 2030

Key Design Qualities and Policy SP6 (MC8)

Page 38 3.174 Page 40 Policy SP6

Response to rep 9

Response to rep 1332 and admin

Promoting High Quality Design - Amend para 3.174 criterion e) of Key Design Qualities as follows:

e) Public safety and crime: Section 17 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 places a duty on councils to do all they reasonably can to reduce crime and disorder locally and improve people’s quality of life as a result. This can be achieved through appropriately designed development that Designs should be based on a clear distinction between public and private spaces. New buildings and/or landscape should create continuity of form and enclosure to the street, and allow overlooking and natural surveillance of the street or open space. This clarity in design thinking will help create a safe environment by reducing the potential for anti-social behaviour and crime.

Amend Policy SP6 – Promoting High Quality design as follows:

Policy SP6 - Promoting High Quality Design

Development proposals must be of high quality design and demonstrate a careful consideration of and a positive response to each of the following design criteria:

  1. Character, Distinctiveness and Sense of Place
  2. Ease of Movement
  3. Legibility
  4. Mixed use and Diversity
  5. Public safety and crime
  6. Quality of Public Spaces and their future management
  7. Flexibility and Liveability
  8. Richness in Detail
  9. Efficient use of Natural Resources
  10. Promoting active lifestyles

Development proposals should show how they have responded positively to the design policy and guidance in, including national and local design guidance, relevant Neighbourhood Plans, and Village Design Statements and site specific development briefs.

Developers are strongly encouraged to participate in the Council’s ‘Quality Monitoring Initiative’ which works to make sure that the approach agreed to design quality when planning permission is granted, is then delivered on site.