Main Changes to Local Plan 2030

Policy S2 - Land NE of Willesborough Rd, Kennington (MC9)

Page 46 Policy S2 Parag 4.16 – 4.27

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Changes to Policy S2 – Land NE of Willesborough Road, Kennington

Amend paragraph 4.16:

4.16 The site, which is approximately 40 ha in size, is allocated for primarily residential development with an indicative capacity of up to 700 dwellings, although a final site capacity should be determined following a detailed and inclusive site masterplanning exercise that should inform any planning applications for development on the site. The site should also include a serviced area of land sufficient for the provision of a Two Form Entry Primary School (currently 2.05 hectares).

Add new paragraph following 4.17:

The Kent Downs AONB lies approximately 1km to the north of the site. In order to minimise any impact on views from the AONB a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment should be carried out to inform details of structural and internal landscaping and building heights within the proposed development.

Amend paragraph 4.24:

4.24 There are two public rights of way running east-west across the site. One provides an at-grade pedestrian crossing over the railway line into the Conningbrook Country Park. The other diverts north to meet a further public right of way which runs just beyond and along the northern boundary of the site, and provides a further at-grade pedestrian crossing over the railway line. Given the proposed scale of development here, combined with that at Conningbrook means that considerable additional use of the at-grade crossings could be expected. Network Rail has advised that due to the increased risk, the existing at-grade crossings will need to be closed at the time of the development. The Council’s preferred solution would be to provide replace the existing crossing with a new pedestrian / cycleway bridge over the railway in order to provide safer access into the Country Park from the site and wider area. Therefore, proposals for the development of the site must fully investigate the potential for it to deliver a new single bridge crossing over the railway line, with the intention of retaining the PRoWs as far as possible. In addition, the proposals for the site must also include cycleways and pedestrian routes that link Willesborough Road and Canterbury Road through the site.

Add new paragraph following 4.26:

Southern Water’s assessment has revealed that additional sewerage infrastructure would be required to serve the proposed development. The development will therefore be required to make a connection to the nearest point of adequate capacity in the sewerage network. Early liaison should take place with the service provider in this regard.

Delete paragraph 4.27 and replace as follows:

It is important that existing sewerage infrastructure which crosses the site is protected and future access secured for the purposes of maintenance and upsizing. Liaison with the relevant infrastructure company at the time is recommended.

There is existing sewerage infrastructure on the site that needs to be taken into account when designing the proposed development. An easement width of between 6 and 13 metres would be required depending upon the pipe size and depth. This easement should be clear of all proposed buildings and substantial tree planting.

Add new paragraph after 4.27

Southern Water has advised that there are pumping stations on the boundary of the site that need to be taken into account so that the proposed design safeguards the amenity of future occupiers of the proposed development. The developer should liaise with Southern Water to ensure this can be taken into account when designing the layout of the proposed development.

Amend Policy S2 as follows:

Policy S2 - Land north-east of Willesborough Road, Kennington

Land to the north-east of Willesborough Road, Kennington, is proposed for residential development with an indicative capacity of for up to 700 dwellings. A serviced area of land shall be provided within the site for the development of a two form entry primary school. Development proposals for the site shall be designed and laid out to take account of the following: Development proposals for the site shall be designed and implemented in accordance with an agreed masterplan for the general layout and delivery of development and related infrastructure on the site. The masterplan shall be developed taking into account the following:

  1. The topography of the site and residential amenity of neighbouring occupiers of the site.
  2. A full flood risk assessment that has been prepared in consultation with the Environment Agency.
  3. Primary access to the site shall be provided from Willesborough Road, with the location of a secondary/emergency access to be determined following further investigation into the feasibility of access onto the Canterbury Road, in liaison with the Local Highways Authority.
  4. New pedestrian and cycle routes are to be provided throughout the development with connections to existing routes. The PRoWs running through the site should be maintained and incorporated within the development, where possible. Proposals must investigate, and deliver, if feasible, a pedestrian and cycle bridge crossing over the railway line to replace the existing at-grade pedestrian crossings, and maintain the PRoW and provide access into the country park.
  5. The existing trees and hedgerows along the boundaries to Willesborough Road, the railway line, and the northern countryside shall be retained and enhanced, except to provide suitable access.
  6. Proposals for ecological mitigation and enhancement measures are to be provided on the site informed by a habitat survey.
  7. The location of the primary school site shall be determined following liaison with Kent County Council, and the site should be made available in the initial stage of developing the wider site.
  8. Provision of an extension to the Green Corridor, allotments and areas of informal open space to meet the needs of the development.
  9. The need to minimise the impact of noise and vibration from the railway line on the amenity of future occupiers of the development, informed by a noise and vibration assessment.
  10. Consider the impact upon views from the Kent Downs AONB, informed by a landscape and visual impact assessment, to determine appropriate structural and internal landscaping and building heights.

In addition, the development shall:

  1. Make improvements to the local road network, where necessary and achievable, informed by a Transport Assessment carried out in liaison with KCC Highways and Transportation.
  2. Provide a proportionate financial contribution to the delivery of Highway England’s scheme for a new M20 Junction 10a.
  3. Provide a financial contribution to the extension of existing bus services in the area to serve the development.
  4. Provide a proportionate contribution towards primary education to contribute towards the delivery of the primary school on site.
  5. Ensure that any land contamination issues are satisfactorily resolved or mitigated.
  6. Provide a connection to the nearest point of adequate capacity in the sewerage network, in collaboration with the service provider; and provide future access to the existing sewerage infrastructure for maintenance and upsizing purposes’.

No occupation of the residential element of the development shall take place until the proposed M20 Junction 10a is complete, in accordance with Policy TRA1.