Main Changes to Local Plan 2030

Policy S9 - Kennard Way (MC16)

Page 74-75 Policy S9 Paras 4.109 - 4.113

Admin; Response to rep 2137, 2321 and 2589

Response to rep 2321

Amend paragraphs 4.107 to 4.113 of Policy S9 - Kennard Way and Policy as follows:

4.107 This site is located on the north eastern edge of Ashford Town Centre, at the end of a cul-de-sac accessed off Hythe Road. It is situated between a residential areas to the south and east and the Henwood Industrial estate to the north and west. It has previously been designated as part of a wider Henwood employment allocation originally in the Local Plan 2000 and more recently in the Urban Sites DPD 2012. The site and obtained outline permission in 2008 for employment use (now expired) which was not completed. For these reasons,   Due to the unviable employment allocation, the site is now considered suitable for residential development, due to its which also reflects its close proximity to the recently developed residential areas in Gordon Close and Kennard Way.

4.109 Residential development is suitable on the eastern side of the site which provides a developable residential area of approximately 0.45ha. This could accommodate around 25 dwellings depending on house size, layout and design. To be in keeping with the existing residential areas, dwellings should be 2 storey, terraced or semi-detached properties which and front the road where possible, with the potential for higher storeys stories in northern parts of the site, where it adjoins the Industrial buildings. The design and layout, particularly the relationship between the industrial and residential areas requires careful planning, to ensure no detrimental impacts on the residents.

4.110 Given the location, size and number of units assumed on the site, 30% of the dwellings shall be provided as affordable housing in accordance with policy HOU1.

4.112 The site is constrained in the west due to the pond, and lies within flood zone 2 and a Groundwater Protection Zone here. Therefore the western area should be landscaped and kept free from development, to be used as an ecological area and/or informal open green space and/or SuDs. This will also create a green buffer area between the residential areas of Wallis Road and Gordon Close and the existing employment buildings in Henwood, and the boundaries should be enhanced with additional landscaping. A full flood risk assessment and appropriate site investigation and risk assessment must be undertaken to prevent pollution of controlled waters, in consultation with the Environment Agency should be undertaken prior to any development taking place. Where Sustainable Drainage systems include infiltration, an assessment may be required to demonstrate that this will not cause pollution,

4.113 The site falls within an area of archaeological potential, and is underlain by Sandstone (Sandgate Formation) which is vulnerable to sterilisation. and The site also has the potential to contain contamination due to the neighbouring uses. Appropriate surveys should be undertaken in consultation with the relevant bodies prior to planning application stage.

Add new paragraph after 4.113:

There is existing sewerage infrastructure on the site that needs to be taken into account when designing the proposed development. An easement width of between 6 and 13 metres would be required depending upon the pipe size and depth. This easement should be clear of all proposed buildings and substantial tree planting.

Amend Policy S9 – Kennard Way as follows:

Policy S9 - Kennard Way, Henwood

Land at Kennard Way, Henwood is proposed for residential development for up to with an indicative capacity of 25 dwellings. Development proposals for this site shall:

  1. Be designed and laid out to take account of residential amenity. Particular attention needs to be given to the relationship between the residential and industrial areas around the site;
  2. Provide primary vehicle access on Kennard Way, preferably in the centre of the site. An emergency access point should be retained between the site and Henwood Industrial Estate;
  3. Ensure residential parking provision is provided in accordance with policy TRA3(a) and fund implementation of suitable on-street parking restrictions for non-residents;
  4. provide new pedestrian and cycle routes throughout the development with connections to existing routes in Henwood and Kennard Way and local services;
  5. Retain and extend the tree boundary between the site and Henwood, to screen the industrial buildings from the new residential development and provide new landscaped boundary along the southern edge of the site to lessen the visual impact of the development, particularly from Gordon Close;
  6. Protect and enhance ecological areas in the western part of the site, including the existing pond;
  7. Include a full flood risk and groundwater risk assessment to prevent pollution of controlled water both prepared in consultation with the Environment Agency and provide SUDS in accordance with ENV9;
  8. Provide future access to the existing sewerage infrastructure for maintenance and upsizing purposes.