Main Changes to Local Plan 2030

Policy S12 - K College, Jemmett Road (MC19)

Page 82 Policy S12 Parag. 4.134


Changes to Policy S12 – Former K College, Jemmett Road

Amendment to paragraph 4.134 as follows:

4.134 Development of this site must facilitate the ability to bring forward development on the adjacent former primary school site and must be designed to be cohesive with the design approach taken on the adjacent site. As part of the development, two one all-movement access points from Jemmett Road shall be provided through to the site boundary adjoining the learning link for vehicular access to site S13 to be created, in addition, the ‘Learning Link’ should be retained as a vehicular emergency access, in accordance with recommendations from Kent Highway Services. – these are shown on the Policies Map.

Consequent amendment to Policy S12 as follows:

Subject to the relocation of the K College campus to the Town Centre Site, the site in Jemmett Road is proposed for residential development. Development proposals for the site shall:

a) provide two a vehicular routes through the site from Jemmett Road to the site boundary adjoining Jemmett Path and (Policy S13) the Former Ashford South School, Jemmett Road

b) enhance and improve the Jemmett Path/Learning Link pedestrian and cycle route and cease existing vehicular use (apart from for emergency access) of the Learning Link once one of the routes required under a) has been provided;

c) ensure that the scale, design and character of the development takes account of the character of the surrounding area and any scheme proposed on site S13 the Former Ashford South School, Jemmett Road;

d) ensure that there is no significant impact on the residential amenity of neighbouring occupiers;

e) provide contributions towards the provision, enhancement and maintenance of Victoria Park; and

f g) retain the protected trees within the site and provide appropriate additional planting.