Main Changes to Local Plan 2030

Policy S16 - Waterbrook (MC23)

Pages 92-95  Policy S16 Paras 4.176 – 4.184

Response to rep 1236, 2717

Response to rep 2254, 2359 and 2717

Changes Policy S16 – Waterbrook

Amend Policy Map S16 – Waterbrook to include the additional area (Shown in blue)


Amend paragraphs as follows:

4.176 Elsewhere on the site, the principal uses should be commercial development (B1, B2 or B8) and residential development. Some ‘sui generis’ uses, such as those found at Orbital Park (e.g. car showrooms) will also be acceptable in principle here. The masterplan shall make provision for a minimum of 20 hectares of commercial development (excluding the truck stop). An additional area of land adjacent to the entrance to the site for similar commercial uses has been included within the site policy area and this could provide an additional 2 hectares of commercial development to enable the delivery of 22 hectares in total.

Amend paragraphs as follows:

4.177 Residential development can also be accommodated on the site for circa 350 up to 300 dwellings, depending on detailed layout, dwelling size and mix. It is critical that any residential scheme is physically separated from the commercial development and the extended lorry park. The most suitable locations for residential development are on the south western edge of the site, which lies across the river corridor from Finberry; on the site of the existing truck stop at the south of the site, and on the eastern side of Waterbook Avenue.

Insert new paragraph after 4.184:

Southern Water has advised that there is a pumping station on the boundary of the site that need to be taken into account so that the proposed design safeguards the amenity of future occupiers of the proposed development. The developer should liaise with Southern Water to ensure this can be taken into account when designing the layout of the proposed development.

Amendment to policy S16 – Waterbrook as follows: 

Policy S16 – Waterbrook

Land at Waterbrook is proposed for a mix of residential and commercial development together with a re-located and extended commercial lorry parking facility.

Detailed proposals for this site shall be developed in accordance with an approved masterplan that:-

a) provides a relocated 600 space lorry park on the eastern part of the site, adjacent to the aggregates facility;

b) provides up to 300 an indicative 350 dwellings on the western and southern parts of the site;

c) provides a minimum of 20 22 hectares of commercial development;

d) ensures the proper segregation of uses within the site through the provision of substantial landscaping and screening based on a strong landscape framework for the site;

e) provides suitable mitigation to deal with noise, visual impact and artificial lighting to restrict the impact of the new development on the new residential properties to be developed on the site and the existing properties along Cheeseman’s Green Lane, Finberry and Church Road, Sevington;

f) provides vehicle access from the A2070 and to the Finberry development with no access from the Waterbrook site to Cheeseman's Green Lane;

g) provides new pedestrian and cycle routes throughout the development and connections to existing urban and rural routes;

h) protects and enhances the East Stour river corridor local wildlife site;

i) contributes to the improvement of the green corridor that runs through the site;

j) includes a full flood risk assessment prepared in consultation with the Environment Agency;

k) ensures that any land contamination issues are satisfactorily resolved or mitigated;

l) provides a connection to the sewerage system at the nearest point of adequate capacity, as advised by Southern Water, and ensure future access to the existing sewerage system for maintenance and upsizing purposes;

m) provides a proportionate financial contribution towards the delivery of Highway England’s scheme for a new M20 Junction 10a.

No residential development or any commercial development (beyond that with an extant planning permission) shall be occupied until the proposed scheme for M20 Junction 10a is complete, in accordance with policy TRA1.