Main Changes to Local Plan 2030

Policy S18 - William Harvey Hospital (MC24)

Page 101 Policy S18 Parag 4.207

Response to reps 1237, 1249, 1297 1603, 1772

Amendments to Supporting text and Policy S18 – William Harvey Hospital

4.207 The Council is concerned that adequate car parking exists to serve health facilities at the William Harvey Hospital and a survey of existing demand for spaces will be required before additional facilities are built. Additional parking provision for staff and visitors shall be provided, with total levels being informed by evidence of likely need and demand. be needed in line with at least the adopted parking standards.

POLICY S18 - William Harvey Hospital

The Council will supports proposals to improve, expand, reconfigure and consolidate the range of medical facilities at the William Harvey Hospital, subject to the following:

  1. Design, scale and layout should take account of the prominent site and site typography;
  2. Landscaping should be provided to limit the impact of built development and protect long views into the site;
  3. Suitable provision of pedestrian and cycle routes;
  4. Additional Ccar parking to be provided to meet additional need, in accordance with adopted standards as a minimum, informed by a car parking survey of existing demand and evidence of the likely future need;
  5. A Transport Assessment and Travel Plan should be produced in accordance with Policy TRA8 and measures proposed to mitigate any impact of development on the wider transport network;
  6. Provide a financial contribution to the extension of existing bus services in the area to serve the development.