Main Changes to Local Plan 2030

Policy S20 - Eureka Park (MC26)

Page 106 -107 Policy S20 Paras: 4.226, 4.230, 4.234, 4.237

Update and response to reps 1715, 1780, 1897, 2708, 1321, 2360, 1848.

Amendments to Policy S20 – Eureka Park

Amend paragraph 4.226 to read

“It is proposed that detailed site proposals should be determined following a detailed and inclusive masterplanning exercise that should inform any planning application for development on the site. The site is proposed for up to 300 an indicative capacity of 375 dwellings and 20 hectares of commercial development.”

Amend para. 4.230 to read:

“At the Western boundary of the site, there should be a generous landscaped buffer provided to reduce the impact and provide some visual separation to the properties on Sandyhurst Lane, and taking into account the proximity of the Kent Downs AONB close to the site’s western boundary. In general, residential development here should be of a lower average density to reflect the wider parkland setting of the whole site with average residential densities for individual parcels determined through the masterplan.”

New paragraph after 4.234:

While it is expected that the delivery of improvements to the strategic road network will greatly enhance the ability of sites to come forward at pace, there will still be a need to ensure that traffic movements resulting from development proposals are sustainably managed. Therefore, a Transport Statement/Transport Assessment should be provided in accordance with Policy TRA8.

Amend para 4.237 to read:

The site adjoins the Ashford Golf Club land to the south. The Club has indicated a desire to improve their facilities which may best be achieved by moving to a new location around the town” considered moving to a new site within the Borough. At the time of preparing this Plan, no firm proposals for relocation have come forward but it is reasonable to anticipate that this may occur during the Plan period. If a suitable site for relocation of the Club can be identified and the Club decide to vacate their current site, this land would form, in principle, a natural extension to the Eureka Park site. As vehicular access to the Golf Club land is from Sandyhurst Lane and thus heavily constrained, proposals for Eureka Park must ensure access to the golf club land is available via the development and where necessary access roads should be constructed to the site boundary.

Amendments to Policy S20 – Eureka Park as follows:

Policy S20 – Eureka Park

The site at Eureka Park is proposed for a mix of commercial (around 20ha) and residential development (up to 300 indicative capacity of 375 dwellings)

f) Ecological mitigation and enhancement measures informed by a habitat survey with particular regard to The Warren Local Wildlife Site;

l) A connection to the sewerage system at the nearest point of adequate capacity, as advised by Southern Water in collaboration with the service provider, and ensure future access to the existing sewerage system for maintenance and upsizing purposes.