Main Changes to Local Plan 2030

Policy S23 - Henwood Industrial Estate (MC28)

Page 117 Policy S23 Parag 4.260

Response to rep 2322

Amend Policy S23 – Henwood Industrial Estate:

4.260 A part of the site to the west falls within flood zone 2 and 3, and the site is located in a groundwater source protection zone. Any development proposals for this area of the site will require a flood risk assessment which includes the vulnerability of the area to surface water flooding, and a groundwater risk assessment, to be produced in consultation with the Environment Agency.

Amendment to criterion c in Policy S23 as follows:

c. Include a full flood risk and groundwater risk assessment to prevent pollution of controlled water both prepared in consultation with the Environment Agency and provide SuDS in accordance with ENV9.

(Remainder of policy is retained)