Main Changes to Local Plan 2030

Policy S25 - Pickhill Business Park (MC30)

Page 121 – 122 Policy S25

Response to rep 2032 and 2370

Amend Policy S25 – Pickhill Business Park

Amend Policy Map S25- Pickhill Business Village, Tenterden to include the additional area (Shown in blue)

Amend criterion e) of Policy S25:

e) Extend the hedgerow to cover the entire length of the northern boundary and retain the hedgerow and landscaping on the frontage of the site with Smallhythe Road to ensure the development is well screened. Consider the impact upon views to and from the site to determine appropriate structural and internal landscaping and building heights, and having particular regard to the impact on the AONB and its setting.

(Remainder of policy is retained)