Main Changes to Local Plan 2030

Policy S26 - Appledore - The Street (MC31)

Pages 123- 124 Policy S26

Admin and response to reps 283, 1638, 1785, 2374 and 2635

Policy S26 – Appledore – The Street

Amend Policy Map S26 – Appledore – the Street to include the additional area (Shown in blue)

Amend supporting text to policy S26 – Appledore, The Street as follows:

4.278 This site is located on The Street, the main route through village, situated adjacent to the side and rear north of the former GP Surgery and Village Hall and a residential property which was formerly a GP surgery. The two individual parcels of land are is currently two fields in agricultural use, bounded by hedgerows and trees. The site and is a gap in the linear form of built development along this road. The site and is located centrally in the village confines and in walking distance of the services and community facilities available.

4.279 To the north of the site is a row of 2-storey housing along the road frontage, with Magpie Farm and its associated outbuildings to the North West. There are properties adjacent to and opposite the site along The Street, in linear form, mainly detached or semi detached 2-storey properties. To the north east, on the opposite side of the road, is the recreation field and play area. To the west, open countryside and an area that dips towards a stream and falls within floodzones 2 & 3.

4.280 At approximately 1.2 ha in size of developable area, the site is considered suitable for around 15 20 units, dependant on a suitable layout and design. It also offers an opportunity to provide an area to extend the village hall and its car park. There is also an opportunity to redevelop the former GP Surgery as part of this development, and community and/or business uses would be acceptable. The residential area of the development should be provided in a cul-de-sac arrangement, in the northern section of the site.

4.281 The southern area of the site lies within the Appledore Conservation Area (CA) and the whole site is also within an area of Archaeological Importance (Viking Encampment). However, the site is located away from the historic core and main area of the CA, which is situated to the south of the site. Development of this site is therefore proposed at a low density (below 20 dph) to be in keeping with the CA setting, open landscape, and the low density of the surrounding linear development. Archaeological investigation work should be undertaken to prior to construction work commencing.

4.282 The hedgerows and trees must be retained around the boundary of the site and new planting should be placed around the western edge of the new development to provide screening between the site and the countryside. The hedgerows that currently divide the site should be retained where possible and integrated within the design and layout. It should be shown in the design proposals that care has been taken to limit the visibility of the new development from the main road to minimise the impact on neighbouring residents.

4.283 The Proposed Dungeness, Romney Marsh and Rye Bay Ramsar site will lies immediately to the north east of the village and south along the Royal Military Canal. In addition, an area of the Dungeness, Romney Marsh and Rye Bay Special Protection Area (SPA) lies across the boundary in Shepway District to the south east. All applications for the development of this site should therefore include an Environmental Impact Assessment study demonstrating how the proposals will effect upon the integrity of the biodiversity of this these designated wildlife environment areas. Development that will have an adverse effect on the integrity of these proposed Ramsar designated sites will not be permitted.

4.284 Opportunities to incorporate and enhance biodiversity will be encouraged. In particular, development should take opportunities to help connect and improve the wider ecological networks in this area and to mitigate against any potential increase in recreational pressure that may arise from the development of this site. There is an opportunity at the rear along the western edge, within the area of flood zone 2 and 3, of the site to work with the Parish Council to enhance the biodiversity and ecology of the area utilising the existing ponds, and potentially create an informal nature reserve. A pedestrian access point should therefore be retained at the rear of the village hall to access this part of the site.

4.285 The main vehicular access will be provided on The Street, as shown on the policy map. There is a Public Right Of Way (PRoW) that runs through the site from Magpie Farm in the north, to the front of the former GP surgery. This pathway should be retained/re-routed and enhanced to ensure safe access through the new development proposals.

4.286 Due to the close proximity of the village recreation ground, on-site provision of public open space will not be expected but appropriate contributions towards the management, maintenance and enhancement of the village recreation ground offer will be sought.

Update Policy S26 as follows:

Policy S26 – Appledore – The Street


The site in The Street, Appledore is proposed for residential development for up to 15 20 dwellings and an with potential to provide an extension to the village hall and its car park. There is potential for redevelopment of the former GP surgery to community and/or business uses.

Development proposals for this site shall:

  1. Be designed and laid out in such a way as to protect preserve and enhance the character and setting of the Conservation Area. Particular attention needs to be given to the visibility of new development from the road;
  2. Retain the existing hedge and tree boundary around the site and create soft landscaping to screen the development from the open countryside. and create soft landscaping. Retain as much as possible of the hedgerows that divides the site and incorporate within the new development;
  3. Retain and enhance the PRoW that crosses the site to ensure safe access;
  4. Provide an Environmental Impact Assessment Study; to address any potential adverse impacts of the proposals on the biodiversity of the Dungeness, Romney Marsh and Rye Bay Ramsar and SPA sites and how they can be avoided or mitigated;
  5. Undertake biodiversity surveys and explore potential of providing an informal nature reserve along the western edge of the site, utilising the existing ponds and allowing ecological connections connecting to the wider countryside. networks .