Main Changes to Local Plan 2030

Policy S33 - High Halden - Land at Hope House (MC37)

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Admin; response to rep 2366

Amendments to S33 – High Halden – Hope House

Amendments to map – increased site boundary area shown in blue:

Amend supporting text as follows:

4.330 This site is located within the village of High Halden on the southern side of the A28, and is currently a gap in the built frontage opposite the housing estate, known as Hopes Grove. The site also wraps round the rear of Hope House, a Grade ll listed building, Monarch House and Bourne Farm. The site is currently an open area of grassland comprising a of two fields with a large pond in the western area which adjoins the boundary with Hope House, a Grade ll listed building. The land slopes upwards towards the southern boundary where there is a substantial hedge and tree line. There are also some small trees growing in the area around the ponds and some more substantial trees to the rear of Hope House.

4.331 This site has been identified as a suitable location on the edge of within the confines of a large village, for residential development whilst also being able providing an opportunity to retain and improve the wildlife habitat around the ponds and enhance ecological links with the adjoining countryside to the west and south.

4.332 The part of the site considered appropriate for development is approximately 1.7 1.3 hectares, which is the land between Oakland, Rowans and Lynton in the east and Hope House to the west and including the land immediately to the rear of Hope House, Monarch House and Bourne Farm. The area in which the ponds are is located on the road frontage has not been taken into account for built development due to the ecological mitigation required on-site and must be enhanced to create a wildlife area. The site is therefore considered suitable for up to 25 35 units which is equivalent of around 20 dwellings per hectare.

4.333 Given the character and appearance of the surrounding areas, a scheme of 1 – 2 storey buildings would be most appropriate here. The design and layout must take account of the residential amenity of neighbouring occupiers, particularly on the eastern boundary and avoid any adverse impact upon the adjoining listed building. Particular attention needs to be given to the topography of the site.

4.334 Dwellings should be orientated to enable overlooking and natural surveillance to the enhanced pond and wildlife area. Dwellings on the Ashford Road parcel should provide frontage development here. Larger properties in generous plots should be generally located in the most sensitive locations on the rural edge and around the listed building.

4.335 In view of the limited visibility splays currently available, the development will be dependent upon the provision of 2.4 x 43m visibility splays being provided in conjunction with the extension of the 30mph limit to cover the site access, to be agreed with the local highway authority. The new speed limit area will need to be accompanied by traffic calming measures such as traffic islands and interactive signs to help reduce traffic speeds to the desired level or red surfacing with speed limit roundels as in the case of the existing adjoining 30mph restriction. Proposals for the site must also include the provision of a footpath between Oakland and Hope House.

4.336 Due to the site's proximity to a Grade ll listed farmhouse (Hope House), high quality design must be achieved within the new development. For example, development proposals should include details of the design of outdoor lighting and street furniture, signage, and landscaping. The built footprint of development on this site needs to be carefully planned. It should avoid and enhance the existing areas of hedges and trees that provide both natural screening and habitat whilst also including a soft green buffer along part of the western and southern boundaries to help mitigate the impact on the adjacent residential occupiers and on the character and setting of the adjoining countryside.

4.337 Due to the close proximity of the village recreation ground, on-site provision of public open space will not be expected but appropriate contributions towards the management, maintenance and enhancement of the village recreation ground provision will be sought.

Southern Water’s assessment has revealed that additional sewerage infrastructure would be required to serve the proposed development. The development will therefore be required to make a connection to the nearest point of adequate capacity in the sewerage network. Early liaison should take place with the service provider in this regard.

Amend Policy S33 as follows:

Policy S33 - High Halden - Land at Hope House

Land at Hope House is proposed for residential development for up to 25 an indicative capacity of 35 dwellings. Development proposals for this site shall:

  1. Enhance the north western area of open space associated with the existing pond/s and mitigate against impacts from development on the biodiversity. Provide a wildlife corridor from this area to the adjoining countryside by retaining existing trees and hedging within the site, where possible;
  2. Be designed and laid out in such a way as to protect the character and setting of the village and the residential amenity of neighbouring dwellings, particularly to preserve and enhance the setting of listed building, Hope House; attention needs to be given to the topography of the site and dwellings should be orientated to enable overlooking and natural surveillance of the wildlife/pond area;
  3. Provide primary vehicle access onto the A28 Ashford Road, as shown on the policies map and include the provision of traffic calming measures to slow the traffic to 30mph or less, in accordance with the recommendations of Kent Highways;
  4. Retain and enhance the hedge and tree boundaries around the site, particularly the those adjoining countryside the development and listed building;
  5. Provide a connection to the nearest point of adequate capacity in the sewerage network, in collaboration with the service provider.