Main Changes to Local Plan 2030

Policy S34 - Hothfield - East of Coach Drive (MC38)

Page 142 Policy S34

Response to reps 1921 and 2376

Amendments to S34 Hothfield – East of Coach Drive

Amend Paragraph 4.344 and clause f of Policy S34 as follows:

4.344 Hothfield Common SSSI lies to the north of the village and is also designated as a Local Nature Reserve. This is a site of national importance that is already under considerable pressure from recreational use. Any development proposal needs to give careful consideration through a detailed assessment to potential additional recreational use of the Reserve common, and contributions towards appropriate mitigation measures will be required, which should include on-site provision of open space which acts as informal recreation, meeting additional recreation pressures such as dog walking.  Development proposals must ensure that any mitigation or enhancement as a result of development reflects the local habitats and species, as outlined in the Biodiversity Opportunity Area (BOA)  guidelines for the BOA of Mid Kent Greensand and Gault.  and. This site is also within the Biodiversity Opportunity Area of Mid Kent Greensand and Gault and this should be reflected in any landscaping, planting or open space provision associated with the development. Liaison with the Council and Kent Wildlife Trust will be necessary to ensure that appropriate measures are defined and delivered as part of the wider programme for the management of the SSSI.

Policy S34 - Hothfield - Land East of Coach Drive

Land to the east of Coach Drive, Hothfield is proposed for residential development for up to an indicative capacity of 40 units.

Development proposals for this site shall:

  1. be designed and laid out with particular attention given to the topography of the site and dwellings should be orientated to limit the impact of the development on the landscape to the north and east of the site;
  2. Provide vehicular access from the junction of Station Road and Coach Drive as shown on the policies map;
  3. Provide a new pedestrian and cycle route from the development to Coach Drive;
  4. With the exception of meeting clauses b and c above, retain the existing trees along the boundary to Coach Drive that are subject to a Tree Preservation Order;
  5. Provide a financial contribution towards the provision, management and maintenance of existing community facilities, open space and play equipment in the village;
  6. Ensure that any direct or indirect impacts on the Hothfield Common SSSI or the Mid Kent and Greensand and Gault Biodiversity Area is suitably mitigated, including provision of on-site recreation space. Mitigation measures must reflect BOA guidelines and be addressed in consultation with Kent Wildlife Trust.