Main Changes to Local Plan 2030

Policy S41 - Chilham - Mulberry Hill (MC45)

Page 157 Policy S41 Paras 4.397 and 4.398

Admin, response to rep 1259, 1826

Amend site name and title references:

Policy S41 - Chilham - Mulberry Hill Old Wives Lees [Remove reference to Old Wives Lees]

Amendments to supporting text paragraphs before S41 – Chilham, Mulberry Hill as follows:

4.397 The site is located within the North Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and has views of the surrounding countryside setting. The innovative and high quality design of the 2 properties and the landscaping of the curtilage must not harm the immediate or wider setting, or have a detrimental impact on the amenity of the neighbouring properties.

4.398 The buildings should be located on the eastern side of the site, in a similar distance from the road to that of the neighbouring properties, to minimise views of the buildings from the AONB to the west. There are two suitable access points at opposite ends to the site which would serve the two dwellings independently, and these are shown on the policies map.