Main Changes to Local Plan 2030


Part 2 of this consultation contains only information which is completely new and not a change to existing content within the June 2016 Draft Local Plan (Regulation 19)

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In summary, this part contains new policies and content covering the following:

Topic policies:

  • Policy SP7 - Separation of Settlements
  • Policy HOU18 - Providing a range and mix of dwelling types and sizes

Site allocation policies:

Urban Area

  • Policy 11a – Former Bombardier Works
  • Policy S45 - Land South of Brockman’s Lane, Bridgefield
  • Policy S46 - Chart Road

A20 Corridor

  • Policy S47 - Land east of Hothfield Mill
  • Policy S48 - Land rear of Holiday Inn Hotel
  • Policy S49 - Land North of Tutt Hill, Westwell
  • Policy S50 - Land at Caldecott, Smeeth

Rural Area

  • Policy S51 - Aldington, Land north of Church View
  • Policy S52 - Aldington, Land south of Goldwell Court
  • Policy S53 - Brook, Nats Lane
  • Policy S54 - Challock, Land at Clockhouse
  • Policy S55 - Charing, Land adjacent to Poppyfields
  • Policy S56 - Chilham, Branch Road
  • Policy S57 - Hamstreet, Land at Warehorne Road
  • Policy S58 - High Halden A28, Stevenson Brothers site
  • Policy S59 - Mersham, Land at Old Rectory Close
  • Policy S60 - St. Michaels (Tenterden), Land at Pope House Farm
  • Policy S61 - Wittersham, Land between Lloyds Green and Jubilee Fields
  • Policy S62 - Woodchurch, Land at Appledore Road

New Appendix:

  • Appendix 6 - Local Plan Monitoring Indicators