Main Changes to Local Plan 2030

Policy S45 - Land South of Brockman's Lane, Bridgefield (MC88)

Policy S45 – Land South of Brockman’s Lane (Bridgefield)

The site is located between Brockman’s Lane to the north, the Ashford- Hastings railway line and A2070 bypass to the east and the southern boundary of the site is formed by a mature hedge and a bridleway, which crosses the A2070 and into Steeds Lane. Beyond this, the south and east is open countryside. The eastern edge of the site adjoins a section of the South Willesborough Dykes. The site is currently in agricultural use.

Critically, land on the northern side of the Brockman’s Lane is identified for residential development in this Local Plan in Policy S14 and the allocation of that site presents the opportunity to bring forward this additional area of land to achieve a comprehensive approach to the area and form part of the wider network of development and supporting infrastructure that could be well connected to adjoining development and services. Park Farm is well served by public transport via local bus services and there is a proposal for a rail halt station along the adjacent Ashford-Hastings railway line. Development of this site should make provision for local bus services and contribute towards the provision of the Ashford-Hastings rail station if required.

The total site area is approximately 11 hectares but there are significant flooding constraints in the area that affect the southern and eastern parts around the South Willesborough Dykes and as a consequence the developable area in the north western areas of the site is approximately 5 hectares with a development capacity of 100 dwellings which reflects the net residential densities of the adjoining development at Bridgefield.

Designed and layout proposals must take account of the topography of the site. Dwellings should be orientated to enable overlooking and natural surveillance of any open areas. The development should be no more than 3 storeys in height due to the edge of countryside location, and 3 storeys would be most appropriate along the railway line edge, reflecting the Bridgefield scheme.

Access is proposed via Brockmans Lane, and it is recommend that as part of this development that the speed limit along Brockmans Lane is reduced to 40mph. The proposed development at the adjacent site (S14) indicates a proposed site access adjoining the existing controlled junction at Finn Farm Road and it is proposed that the development of the S14 site should investigate the potential to improve the overall junction arrangements in this vicinity. The development of this additional site will impact upon this junction and if deemed appropriate then it should make a proportionate contribution to junction improvements in this location.

There is a pedestrian connectivity constraint with regards to delivery of this site, which is that site should not come forward until the Park Farm South East (S14) is developed as there is no footway connection and no means of providing a footway connection until connections with Park Farm South East can be achieved.  Therefore the council could not support this site coming forward in advance of S14. Furthermore, more thought needs to be given about bus provision and how the Park Farm South East site and this site will be served.  A new service is likely to be required to serve these two sites due to the distance from the existing services at Park Farm East (Bridgefield).    

Flood zone 2 and 3 covers the eastern and southern part of the site which is unsuitable for development but may provide opportunities for sustainable drainage solutions, and is also identified as potential future area for Green Corridor designation. The developable area outside of the flood constraints will need to be supported by a full flood risk assessment which should be carried out in consultation with the Environment Agency.

Southern Water’s assessment has revealed that additional sewerage infrastructure would be required to serve the proposed development. The development will therefore be required to make a connection to the nearest point of adequate capacity in the sewerage network. Early liaison should take place with the service provider in this regard.

Policy S45 – Land South of Brockman’s Lane, Bridgefield

The site to the south of Brockman’s Lane is proposed for residential development with an indicative capacity of 100 dwellings, to be delivered after completion of S14 site. Development proposals for this site shall:

  1. Be designed and laid out to take account of the topography of the site. Dwellings should be orientated to enable overlooking and natural surveillance of open areas. The development should be no more than 3 storeys in height;
  2. Be accessed from Brockman’s Lane. Potential contribution to junction improvements at Finn Farm Road if required;
  3. Make provision for links to the public transport network including contributions to the rail station along the Ashford-Hastings railway line if required;
  4. Provide new pedestrian and cycle routes throughout the development with linkages into the wider network and adjoining developments – emphasise pedestrian/cycle linkages to the adjoining site and network;
  5. Provide generous landscaping along the southern edge, retain hedging along Brockman’s Lane and create a suitable and appropriate landscape buffer along the western edge adjoining the Ashford – Hastings railway line;
  6. Facilitate and contribute to the proposed extension to the Green Corridor designation along the southern and eastern parts of the site;
  7. Include a full flood risk assessment prepared in consultation with the Environment Agency;
  8. Provide a connection to the nearest point of adequate capacity in the sewerage network, in collaboration with the service provider.