Main Changes to Local Plan 2030

Policy S54 - Challock, Land at Clockhouse (MC97)

MC97 Policy S54 – Challock, Clockhouse


The site is located to the north of the A232 on the northern edge of the village of Challock.   It is a level agricultural field bounded to the south by housing, to the west by woodland, to the east by residential curtilage and to the north by agricultural land. To the north west of the site lies a commercial unit, which is served by an access track that traverses the site from north to south which will need to be retained. A public right of way (PRoW) runs adjacent to the western boundary of the site. The site is within the AONB and abuts Carpet Wood to the west which is a designated Ancient Woodland, and which provides natural screening and habitat. The plot to the south of the site has recently been developed and contains six large dwelling houses arranged in a compact formation. The wider area is residential in nature, and properties along the A252 are predominantly spaced generously with substantial gardens.

At 1.85 hectares in size, the site is considered suitable for up to 15 dwellings, depending upon their size and layout. An approximate density of around 8 dwellings per hectare is reflective of this site’s location and surroundings, and takes into account the proximity of the Ancient Woodland and the sites setting within the AONB.

Given the sites location within the AONB, the well-spaced character of the adjoining dwellings and mature gardens surrounding the site, particular attention needs to be given to the landscaping of the site. Dwellings should be limited to two-storey in height to prevent a prominent visual edge to the village. Existing hedging to the north and east of the site should be retained. The built footprint of the development on this site needs to be carefully planned, and particular regard should be given to the close proximity of the site to the adjacent Ancient Woodland, and to the TPO to the south east of the site.

Southern Water’s assessment has revealed that additional sewerage infrastructure would be required to serve the proposed development. The development will therefore be required to make a connection to the nearest point of adequate capacity in the sewerage network. Early liaison should take place with the service provider in this regard.

Policy S54 – Challock, Land at Clockhouse

The site at Clockhouse is proposed for residential development for up to 15 dwellings:

Development proposals for this site shall:

  1. Be designed and laid out in such a way as to preserve the character of the AONB and this edge of settlement area, paying particular attention to the well-spaced nature of nearby development;
  2. Dwellings should be limited to two storeys in height in order to protect character of the surrounding area.
  3. The built footprint of any proposed development should be laid out so as to ensure the protection of the adjacent Carpet Wood ancient woodland.
  4. Retain and enhance the hedge and tree boundaries around the site, particularly where these abut the open countryside;
  5. Provide primary vehicle access off the track known as Old Clockhouse Green and retain vehicular access to the commercial unit to the north; and
  6. Provide a connection to the nearest point of adequate capacity in the sewerage network, in collaboration with the service provider.