Main Changes to Local Plan 2030

Policy HOU12 - Residential Space Standards (internal) (MC54)

Page 185 Policy HOU12 Para. 5.96


Insert additional paragraph after para 5.96 within text before Policy HOU12 – Residential Space Standards (internal)

(This text was formerly contained under Homes Suitable for family occupation as para 5.98- see MC55)

The amount of space for cooking, living and eating is not defined in the new standards. The rooms used for those purposes are important areas for families to interact and usually include areas for play, study and storage as well as the basic functions of each of these areas. Although one large room is sometimes provided to accommodate all of these functions in homes designed for one or two people, this is not usually an appropriate layout for family occupation. At least two separate rooms, rather than one large room, should therefore be provided to accommodate cooking, eating and living in homes suitable for family occupation with three or more bedrooms. Provision of a separate room does not necessarily require any increase to the gross internal floor area.