Main Changes to Local Plan 2030

Policy HOU16 - Traveller Accomodation (MC57)

Page 192 Policy HOU16 Para 5.121

Admin and Response to reps 1367, 1635, 2295

Amendments to supporting text and Policy HOU16 – Traveller Accommodation, as follows:

5.121 “A specific, clearly worded windfall policy enables the Council to deal with planning applications for Traveller sites on a site by site basis and would allow suitable sites to continue to be permitted provided they meet criteria set out in the policy. To this end, suitable sites, which are well related to existing and proposed services and facilities and which would not adversely impact on a protected landscape or designated area, that may previously not have been identified have the opportunity to come forward in the plan period”.

Add new paragraph after 5.124:

To address the accommodation needs of this group more fully, the Council will prepare a separate Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation DPD, as outlined within the 2017 Local Development Scheme (LDS)

Amendment to policy criterion g) in Policy HOU16

g) The form and extent of the accommodation does not adversely affect the visual or other essential qualities of the AONB and its setting, SSSI, Ancient woodland, international, national or local nature reserve or wildlife site, or they key characteristics of a Landscape Character Area;

(Remainder of policy is retained)