Main Changes to Local Plan 2030

Policy TRA3a - Parking Standards for Residential Development (MC65)

Page 217 Policy TRA3 Para 5.262 and Table within Policy TRA3 (a)


Changes to Residential and Non-residential Parking Standards section and Policy TRA3 (a) as follows:

Amend paragraph 5.262:

5.262 To ensure the delivery of maximum parking provision in new non-residential developments in the borough over the Plan period, and to reduce opportunities for commercial developments to deliver fewer spaces than the maximum, Policy TRA3(b) brings forward the sets the maximum standard of SPG4 as the minimum standard for non-residential development in the borough (ie neither a maximum or a minimum). Controlled Parking Zones are also supported as an option for the Council to address specific problems with overspill commercial car parking into residential areas should these occur.

Delete first table in Policy TRA3 (a)- Parking standards for residential development and replace with the following table:


Suburban and Rural locations

1-bed dwelling

1 space per unit

2-bed dwelling

2 spaces per unit

3-bed dwelling

2 spaces per unit

4-bed house

3 spaces per unit


(Remainder of policy is retained)