Main Changes to Local Plan 2030

Policy TRA6 - Provision for Cycling (MC67)

Page 221 Policy TRA6 Para 5.275

Admin. Response to rep 10, Response to rep 2538, Response to rep 1491, 2538

Changes to Provision for Cycling supporting paragraph 5.275 and Policy TRA6 as follows:

5.275 National Cycle Route 18 has been designated and runs through the urban area and links with the wider county wide strategic cycleway network; and National Cycle Route 17 (the Pilgrims Way Cycle Trail) provides a strategic link to Eureka Park.

“KCC recently consulted on its Active Travel Plan, which sought to promote journeys by bicycle Kent along hospitable routes, noting the potential of these routes to stimulate journeys by bicycle as opposed to by the private car, and for leisure uses, promoting Active Travel. ABC supports this approach and any opportunities to enhance and regularise cycle connections.”

Policy TRA6 - Provision for Cycling

The Council will seek to improve conditions for cyclists through the following measures:-

  • Promoting and developing a Borough-wide network of cycle routes;
  • Developments should, where opportunities arise, include safe, convenient and attractively designed cycle routes, including, where possible, connection to the Borough-wide cycle network.
  • Promoting and providing cycle parking facilities in town centres, at railway stations and at major public buildings, and requiring new development to provide cycle parking facilities in agreement with the Council


  • Taking opportunities to consider active travel when designing new routes and establishing connections with existing routes, encouraging journeys by bicycle

Cycle Parking shall be provided at a minimum as per the follow:


< 1000m2 – 1 space per 200m2

< 5000m2 – 1 space per 400m2

> 5000m2 – min 12.


Short/Medium Term (collection/delivery/shopping) – 1 space per 1000m2

Medium to Long Term (meetings/workplace) – 1 space per 200m2


1 space per 10 seats (min 2 provided)


1 space per 10 beds/units/pitches

or 1 space per 5 students


1 space per unit (flats/maisonettes)

(it is expected that sufficient accommodation will be provided in any case for houses)


Schools – as per current KCC requirement

Medical centres/surgeries – 1 space per 2 consulting/treatment rooms

Others – 1 space per 50 seats or 100m2


Leisure & entertainment – 1 space per 300 seats

Sports facilities & venues – 1 space per 10 participants/members/staff

Sui generis

Case-by-case basis