Main Changes to Local Plan 2030

Policy TRA8 - Travel Plans, Assessments and Statements (MC68)

Page 223 Policy TRA8 Para 5.278


Addition to Paragraph 5.278 under Assessing Transport Needs and amend TRA8 – Travel Plans, Assessments and Statements

5.278 Travel plans, assessments and statements are all ways of assessing and mitigating the negative transport impacts of development in order to ensure that sustainable development is delivered. The Council will seek to promote public transport and other non-car based modes of travel within the borough.

Amend policy text of TRA8 as follows:

Policy TRA8 - Travel Plans, Assessments and Statements

Planning applications will be supported by either a Transport Statement, or a Transport Assessment or a Travel Plan depending on the nature and scale of the proposal and the level of significant transport movements generated. Where appropriate, the Council will liaise with the relevant authority in relation to what sort of evidence is required. The recommendations of these studies, including Travel Plans, will be required to be delivered prior to or as part of the development and will be secured through condition or S106 Agreement.