Main Changes to Local Plan 2030

Policy ENV3 - Landscape Character and Design (MC72)

Page 232 Policy ENV3

Delete Policy ENV3 and replace with the revised Policies:

Policy ENV3a - Landscape Character and Design

All proposals for development in the borough shall demonstrate particular regard to the following landscape characteristics, proportionately, according to the landscape significance of the site:

  1. Landform, topography and natural patterns of drainage;
  2. The pattern and composition of trees and woodlands;
  3. The type and composition of wildlife habitats;
  4. The pattern and composition of field boundaries;
  5. The pattern and distribution of settlements, roads and footpaths;
  6. The presence and pattern of historic landscape features;
  7. The setting, scale, layout, design and detailing of vernacular buildings and other traditional man made features;
  8. Any relevant guidance given in the Landscape Character SPD
  9. Existing features that are important to the local landscape character shall be retained and incorporated into the proposed development.
  10. Any non-designated, locally-identified, significant landscape features justified in a Parish Plan or equivalent document.

ENV3b – Landscape Character and Design in the AONBs

The Kent Downs and High Weald AONBs should be conserved, and where appropriate enhanced or restored, in accordance with their landscape significance. Major development proposals within the AONBs will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances and where they are in the public interest.

Other proposals within and immediately adjoining the AONBs will be permitted under the following circumstances:

  • The location, form, scale, materials and design would conserve and enhance the character of the landscape.
  • The development would enhance the special qualities, distinctive character and tranquillity of the AONB.
  • The development conforms with the relevant AONB management plan and any associated guidance.
  • The development demonstrates particular regard to those characteristics outlined in Policy ENV3a, proportionate to the high landscape significance of the AONB.