Main Changes to Local Plan 2030

Policy ENV8 - Water Quality, Supply and Treatment (MC75)

Page 239 Policy ENV8 Para 5.342

Response to reps 2373, 1922

Add paragraphs before 5.342 within Water Quality, Supply and Treatment, and amend paragraph 2 of Policy ENV8 as follows:

The Council considers it critical that adequate water supply and wastewater treatment facilities are in place to serve development. Significant engagement has taken place with the relevant service providers in relation to the provision of both water supply and wastewater infrastructure in the Borough, and it is confirmed that there is sufficient capacity for planned development up to 2030. However, planning for the period beyond 2030 will begin prior to the end of this plan period, and it is possible that preliminary works to ensure continued capacity, in liaison with the service providers, will be required in order to accommodate new development post-2030.

With regard to wastewater infrastructure, significant recent investment in strategic infrastructure has taken place, including at the wastewater treatment works and to the trunk sewers in the borough. Should the need for further investment arise, it can be planned and funded through the water industry’s five-yearly price review process. The Council considers it necessary to ensure that development does not go ahead before any required improvements to the strategic infrastructure are made and the Council will need to be satisfied when granting permission for major development that there is sufficient capacity at the wastewater treatment works, or that the capacity will be provided, in time to serve the new development.  

With regard to the sewerage system (network of sewers and associated facilities that convey wastewater to the treatment works for treatment), developers will be required to work in collaboration with the service provider to ensure that the infrastructure is delivered in parallel with development. New residential and commercial development will be permitted only if sufficient capacity is either available, or can be provided in time to serve it. Where there is insufficient capacity in the sewerage network, developments will be required to provide a connection to the sewerage system at the nearest point of adequate capacity.

POLICY ENV8 - Water Quality, Supply and Treatment

Major proposals for new development must be able to demonstrate that there are, or will be, adequate water supply and wastewater treatment facilities in place to serve the whole development, or where development is being carried out in phases, the whole of the phase for which approval is being sought. Improvements in these facilities, the timing of their provision and funding sources will be key to the delivery of development.

All development proposals must provide a connection to the sewerage system at the nearest point of adequate capacity, as advised by the service provider, Southern Water, and ensure future access to the existing sewerage systems for maintenance and upsizing purposes.

Schemes that would be likely to result in a reduction in the quality or quantity of groundwater resources will not be permitted. The Council will support, in principle, infrastructure proposals designed to increase water supply and wastewater treatment capacity subject to there being no significant adverse environmental impacts and the minimisation of those that may remain.