Main Changes to Local Plan 2030

Policy COM2 - Recreation, Sport, Play and Open Spaces (MC80)

Page 261 Policy COM2 Paras 5.432, 5.434, 5.450

Response to reps 2278, 2586

Response to rep 1326

Amend text and Table within Sport, Recreation and Play and Policy COM2 as follows:

5.432 The following total quanta of recreational, play, sport and open space are required to meet the needs of the new development proposed in this Local Plan that do not already have planning permission (circa 7,000 new dwellings). These figures are derived from the emerging Sports Pitches and Indoor Sports Facility Strategy, alongside standards set out in the current Green Spaces and Water Environment SPD. They take into account planned provision that is earmarked to come forward, such as at Chilmington Green. The figures do not take take into account the role which could be played by provision at schools. This provision should be treated as supplementary as in most cases it tends to have limited public access at key times.

Table 4 - Total Spatial Target for play, open space and sports

Informal space                               

Children’s Play                              

Strategic Parks                              

Allotment provision         

Sports Hall (1 badminton hall or equivalent)

3G Artificial Pitch                          

Football Pitches                            


Hockey 2G Pitch

Rugby Pitches       

Cricket Square and outfield

22.5ha   33.6ha

5.6ha     8.4ha

3.4ha     5.04ha

2.2ha     3.36ha

4            6



7 adult; 3 junior 8 adult, 7 junior, 2 mini

1 adult

2 senior pitches


Edit end of para 5.434 as follows:

Aside from informal space – which will normally be delivered on site and form part of the wider landscaping/ SUDs strategy, incidental space around buildings, discussions with the Council shall then take place as to what exact provision will be sort from any S106 monies to be collected, using the projects identified within the supporting Infrastructure Delivery Plan schedule as the starting point. The Sports England Calculator may also identify additional off-site requirements that need to be considered as well. Where appropriate, these will be added to the Infrastructure Delivery Plan as they are identified.

Edit text within Allotments as follows:

5.450 Demand for allotments owned by the Council is kept under review, with additional provision being made where necessary. Over the lifetime of this Local Plan the need for additional allotment provision is 2.2ha 3.36ha, the strategy for which will be identified in the emerging Open Space Strategy.

Amend policy text for COM2 as follows:

Policy COM2 - Recreation, Sport, Play and Open Spaces

As a target, the Council shall seek to deliver the quantum of provision as new recreation, sport, play and open space provision by 2030 as set out in table 4 of this Local Plan.

Proposals will utilise the Sports England Calculator and comply with the standards set out within the Green Spaces and Water SPD, where practical.

Informal green space will normally be provided on site in line with the guidance and provisions contained within the Green Spaces and Water Environment SPD.

In Ashford, the provision of children’s play, strategic parks, allotments, sports facilities shall be concentrated on key allocated sites within this Local Plan or at the sports and recreation hubs identified above. Proposals which undermine the ability of a hub to play a role in delivering this provision shall not be supported.

Provision that meets a localised need shall normally be required to be delivered on-site in a way that supports the local community as it comes forward.

In the rural area, provision should normally be delivered in a way that helps maintain, enhance and potentially expand existing provision at the settlement where development is proposed, or at the nearest settlement.

In line with the provision within the NPPF Exceptions to the approach outlined above could be justified, should the following circumstances arise in that:

  1. there is suitable open/ green space provision nearby and this provision can be accessed by green routes,
  2. there is suitable sports provision nearby and this provision is accessible and the facility is able to and has the capacity to be used by the public at key times and this access can be secured over the long term at determination of the application,
  3. delivering such provision would render a scheme unviable,
  4. not delivering the required provision is supported by the Council or in agreement with the Parish Council.

In line with the provision within the NPPF, existing open space, sports and recreational buildings and land should not redeveloped or used for other purposes, unless:

  • An assessment has been undertaken which clearly shows the provision is surplus to requirements, or
  • Any loss would be replaced by equivalent or better provision in terms of quantity and quality in a suitable location,
  • The development is for an alternative sport and recreational provision, the needs for which clearly outweigh the loss.