Main Changes to Local Plan 2030

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Response Date 28 Aug 2017
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The local plan and this map is proposing changes that will result in a huge loss of wildlife environments and green spaces and have a huge impact on the rural landscape and the character of the rural villages on ashford urban edges. 

There is not enough clarity given in the Plan about strategic green buffers between settlements  and it seems that this will result in not only the loss of huge amounts of wildlife areas, but also increased air, noise and light pollution. Shadoxhurst (and others like us) are in danger of becoming urbanised without a proper democratic consultation and insufficient protection from planning laws which seem to change arbitrarily to suit the 5 yr housing numbers and the desires of property developers.

I would like to see a firm boundary for the edge of ashford urban defined and a green belt between ashford urban and the neighbouring rural villages to counter this.

We also need more protection for wildlife and dark skies through green belts and buffer zones. 

Where is the evidence that the long term cumulative effect of this plan across the whole borough has been taken into account along with other huge developments like Chilmington and Otterpool, and properly consulted on with residents? Why is it that each parish is only given a small map of their specific area and there is no discussion of what is happening in their neighbouring areas that will surely affect them too. I have been very disappointed in the lack of information available in this respect and consider it vital information for all residents to know so that they can understand the cumulative effect of this plan, as well as a huge failure on the council’s part during this consultation process not to provide this information in an appropriately accessible way. A resident's crowdsourced map received thousands of visits every time it was published and updated - clearly people are interested if the information is easily accessible and user friendly... the council should have been doing this as part of the consultation not the residents.

This plan will have a huge and irreversible effect on the landscape of the whole area and residents deserve to be treated with respect and given the right information to understand the massive cumulative effect of this plan via user friendly maps  and visual aids....


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