Local Plan to 2030 - Main Modifications September 2018

Main Modifications to Ashford Local Plan

Policy S2 - Land North-East of Willesborough Road, Kennington (MM7)

Amend supporting text at 4.16, 4.17.1 and 4.23 to read:

4.16 The site, which is approximately 40ha in size, is allocated for primarily residential development with an indicative capacity of 700 dwellings, although a final site capacity should be determined following a detailed and inclusive masterplanning exercise that should inform any planning applications for development on the site. The site should also include a serviced area of land sufficient for the provision of a two-form entry primary school (currently 2.05 ha). The masterplan should be approved by the Council either in advance of, or as part of an outline application for the main body of the site. Any proposals for a limited scale of development within the site allocation may be permitted in advance of a detailed masterplan for the whole site allocation where it can be satisfactorily demonstrated that the proposals would not be prejudicial to the proper place-making of the area (including the delivery of infrastructure and services).

4.17.1 The Kent Downs AONB lies approximately 1km to the north of the site. In order to minimise any impact on views from the AONB a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment should be carried out to inform details of structural and internal landscaping and building heights within the proposed development. Such structural landscaping should take the form of linear tree belts and individual street trees to help filter views from the AONB. In this regard the use of non-reflective and sensitively coloured materials and appropriate positioning of solar panels will also be supported.

4.23 The combination of this proposal and the development permitted and proposed in Policy S19 at Conningbrook means there will be additional traffic at M20 Junction 10.Consequently, no occupations of the residential development at this site may take place prior to the completion opening to traffic of Junction 10a, in accordance with policy TRA1, unless otherwise agreed with the Council and Highways England.

Amend policy S2 wording at criteria e), f), j) and final sentence to read:

e) Structural planting, including linear tree belts running through the length of the development, together with the use of individual street trees, shall be incorporated in the development with this structural planting to be provided as part of the first phase of development. The existing trees and hedgerows along the boundaries to Willesborough Road, the railway line and the northern countryside shall be retained and enhanced, except to provide suitable access;

f) Proposals for ecological mitigation and enhancement measures are to be provided on site informed by a habitat survey. Appropriate species and habitat surveys should be carried out. Results will inform ecological mitigation and enhancement measures to be provided on site and proposals for implementation, maintenance and monitoring in accordance with Policy ENV1;

j) Be designed to limit its impact upon views from the Kent Downs AONB, informed by a landscape and visual impact assessment to determine appropriate structural and internal landscaping, and building heights and materials.

No occupations of the residential element of the development shall take place until the proposed M20 Junction 10a is complete open to traffic, in accordance with Policy TRA1, unless otherwise agreed with the Council and Highways England.