Local Plan to 2030 - Main Modifications September 2018

Main Modifications to Ashford Local Plan

Policy S4 - Land north of Steeds Lane and Magpie Hall Road (MM9)

Amend supporting text to read:

4.47 The importance of avoiding coalescence in this area is emphasised elsewhere in this Plan, and so the northern extent of built development here needs to be carefully controlled. Development should sit below the ridge line that lies south of Kingsnorth village, with the ridge and the space between it and the village itself forming a strategic open buffer to protect the setting of Kingsnorth and create a sense of separation from the new development. The protection and, where possible, enhancement of existing landscaping in this area is a key policy objective here and should be reflected in landscaping proposals for the development of the site.

4.55 Similarly a package of traffic management measures will are likely to be needed on the more minor roads – Magpie Hall Road; Steeds Lane and Bond Lane – to help manage and limit traffic flows to levels that are appropriate given their rural nature and lack of pavements/ lighting, etc. This should be informed by a Transport Assessment in accordance with policy TRA8. Within the development itself, a network of routes should be established to inform a less urban character commensurate with the generally lower density and village-style form of development.

4.56 Provision of sports and leisure facilities will be required to meet the community needs arising from the development. This could be met in part through improvements to the existing cricket club and its facilities which should be maintained in public use.

Amend policy wording d), h) and i. to read:

Policy S4 – Land north of Steeds Lane and Magpie Hall Road

d) Ecology – Appropriate species and habitat surveys will be carried out details of which. Results will inform ecological mitigation measures to be provided on the site and proposals for their future implementation, maintenance and monitoring in accordance with policy ENV1. Particular attention to the conservation and enhancement of Isaacs Wood (Ancient woodland) will be required.

h) Community facilities – Public open space and suitably equipped play areas needed to serve the development, taking the opportunity to create a sense of the heart of the community being based around the cricket field at the main traffic corridor – Ashford Road. A local convenience store should be located here in a way that can take advantage of passing trade. A specific set of projects related to the scale of needs arising from the development will be identified in consultation with the local community and the cricket club. It is expected that the cricket field will be retained for community use.

In addition, the development shall also:-

iv. Provide a proportionate contribution to the delivery of Highway England’s scheme for a new M20 Junction 10a and any other off-site highway improvements measures identified through agreed transport modelling in accordance with policy TRA8.