Local Plan to 2030 - Main Modifications September 2018

Main Modifications to Ashford Local Plan

Policy S6 - Former Newtown Works (MM11)

Amend paragraph 4.78:

Before full development of the site can take place, off-site highway improvements are needed to provide additional capacity at the A2070 Orbital Park junction and a clear commitment given to the delivery timetable for of the new junction 10a on the M20. The indicative threshold set for the quantity of development that can be occupied on the site as a whole before these improvements are committed is based on the historic “fall back” position from previous uses on the Newtown and Klondyke sites. The relatively close proximity to the stations and town centre and the bus service through the area provide the opportunity to reduce the car based trip rate arising from the development of the area.

Amend paragraph 4.78.1:

While it is expected that the delivery of improvements to the strategic road network will greatly enhance the ability of sites to come forward at pace, there will still be a need to ensure that traffic movements are sustainably managed. Therefore, where traffic generation to and from the site is expected to exceed that of the previous lawful uses, a Transport Statement/Transport Assessment should be provided in accordance with Policy TRA8. Where justified through such an Assessment, additional development may be occupied beyond the levels associated with the ‘fallback’ position from the previous uses on the site in advance of the improvements to the Orbital Park junction being completed.

Amend final paragraph of policy S6 as follows:

iii. Unless justified through an agreed Transport Assessment, Oonly development that would generate no more traffic than would have been generated by the equivalent of the previous lawful uses of the site, shall be built and occupied in advance of the granting of a Development Consent order for the construction of the proposed M20 junction 10a and until additional capacity has been provided at the Orbital Park / A2070 junction.