Local Plan to 2030 - Main Modifications September 2018

Main Modifications to Ashford Local Plan

Policy S32 - Hamstreet, Land at Parker Farm (MM33)

Amend supporting text:

4.323   This site was allocated for residential development within the Tenterden and Rural Sites DPD (as policy HAM2) with an indicative capacity of 20 dwellings, phased post 2016. However, the latest Environment Agency flood mapping shows that flood zones 2 and 3 have extended into the site since its previous allocation in 2010, and is now covering approximately half of the site area. A subsequent iteration of Environment Agency Flood Risk mapping indicated that Flood Zones 2 and 3 had extended into this site since the previous allocation. For this reason, the developable area has was been reduced to 0.38ha and only included includes the area outside of the flood zones. This has lowered the capacity of the site for up to 10 dwellings (at 26dph). The latest Environmental Agency flood mapping now shows that the majority of the site, save for the eastern boundary, is within Flood Zone 1, and therefore an increase in capacity could be given consideration.

Amend first sentence and criteria a), delete criteria e) and new h) as follows:

Land at Parker Farm is proposed for residential development for up to with an indicative capacity of 10 units. Development proposals for this site shall:

a) Retain and, wherever possible, enhance the existing hedge and tree boundary around the site to screen the development from the open countryside and create soft landscaping along site boundaries. The Hamstreet Village Design Statement should be taken into account when considering design and layout;

e) Provide informal open space in the flood zone area of the site; and

h) Provide contributions towards the enhancement or maintenance of public open space at Pound Lees recreation ground in accordance with Policy COM2.