Local Plan to 2030 - Main Modifications September 2018

Main Modifications to Ashford Local Plan

Policy S45 - Land South of Brockman's Lane, Bridgefield (MM44)

Amend paragraph 4.420 as follows:

Access is proposed via Brockman’s Lane, and it is recommended that as part of this development that the speed limit along Brockmans Lane is reduced to 40mph. The proposed development at the adjacent site (S14) indicates a proposed site access adjoining the existing controlled junction at Finn Farm Road and it is proposed that the development of the S14 site should investigate the potential to improve the overall junction arrangements in this vicinity. The development of this additional site will impact upon this junction and if deemed appropriate then it should make a proportionate contribution to junction improvements in this location.

Amend paragraph 4.421 as follows:

There is a pedestrian connectivity constraint with regards to delivery of this site, which is that this site should not come forward until the Park Farm south East (S14) is developed as there is no footway connection and no means of providing a footway connection until connections with Park Farm South East can be achieved. Therefore the Council could not support this site coming forward in advance of site S14 but the site can be developed once the necessary infrastructure is in place to serve the S14 site. Furthermore, more thought needs to be given about bus provision and how the Park Farm South East site and this site will be served. A new service is likely to be required to serve these two sites due to the distance from the existing services at Park Farm East (Bridgefield)

Add new paragraph after 4.422

The site is located within a mineral safeguarding area. A Minerals Assessment must be undertaken and submitted in accordance with the Kent Minerals and Waste Local Plan Safeguarding SPD, to establish whether any extraction is required in advance of residential development.

Amend policy wording to read:

The site to the south of Brockman’s Lane is proposed for residential development with an indicative capacity of 100 dwellings to be delivered after completion of the necessary infrastructure to serve the adjacent S14 site. Development proposals for the site shall:


Amend criterion b) as follows:-

b) Be accessed from Brockman’s Lane. Potential contribution to junction improvements at Finn Farm Road if required.

Insert an additional clause into policy S45 as follows:-

i) Prior to the grant of planning permission for non-minerals development at the site, the applicant shall prepare and submit a Minerals Assessment to establish whether any prior extraction of minerals should take place in advance of residential development.