Local Plan to 2030 - Main Modifications September 2018

Main Modifications to Ashford Local Plan

Policy S56 - Chilham, Branch Road (MM53)

Amend para. 4.496 to read as follows:-

“…The parking area will provide a minimum of 5 additional spaces for the GP surgery in addition to retaining the existing spaces located at the front of the surgery but the final number of additional spaces should be informed by a survey of parking practices by surgery users. However, The existing spaces could be relocated within the new parking areas.”

Amend the last sentence of para. 4.502 to read as follows:-

4.502   “Enhancements to the pedestrian access around the area through the creation of traffic calming management measures, which may include the use of additional on-street parking restrictions, along Branch Road, should also be explored in consultation with Kent County Council Highways and Transportation.”

Amend first sentence and policy criteria b) d) and e) and add additional criteria g) as follows:

Land at Branch Road is proposed for residential development for up to with an indicative capacity of 10 dwellings. Development proposals for this site shall:

b) Be designed and laid out in such a way as to protect and conserve or enhance the character and setting of the village Conservation Area and nearby listed buildings, the residential amenity of neighbouring dwellings, particularly listed buildings, whilst also taking into account the guidance in the Chilham Village Design Statement and be a maximum of two storeys in height;

d) Include the provision footpaths and/or of traffic calming management measures in Branch Road appropriate to its location within the Kent Downs AONB and the Chilham Conservation Area in accordance with the recommendations of Kent Highways and Transportation.

e) Retain and enhance the hedge and tree boundaries within and around the site wherever possible, and make enhancements to the southern boundary ensuring the character of the Kent Downs AONB is conserved and enhanced and the development is well screened from the wider area;

g) Provide contributions towards the enhancement or maintenance of public open space and equipped play at the village recreation ground in accordance with Policy COM2.