Local Plan to 2030 - Main Modifications September 2018

Main Modifications to Ashford Local Plan

Chapter 2 - Neighbourhood Plans (MM1)

Amend paragraph 2.8 and 2.8.1 text to read:

2.8 This Local Plan sets out the strategic context within which any Neighbourhood Plan (NP) will operate. They must comply with national policy, with EU obligations and human rights requirements and with the strategic policies of the local development plan. For the purposes of neighbourhood planning, all the policies within this local plan are considered strategic, not just those within the strategic policies section. have been assessed using guidance provided in Planning Practice Guidance (PPG) on Neighbourhood Planning (Paras 75 and 76). However, it is likely that some policies may not be ‘strategic’ in all NP circumstances, particularly where the policy may refer to a specific geographical area, site or landscape which is not applicable to that NP area. There is also scope for a NP to be more specific than the Local Plan in relation to some topic policies, and where evidence supports this position. Some smaller site allocations in this plan are not strategic in themselves. For clarity, a list of the policies in this plan that may not be considered ‘strategic’ in a NP context is provided in Appendix 7, but NP groups are advised to liaise with the council to agree the relevant ‘strategic’ policies to their area at the start of their NP process.

2.8.1 As of mid-2017 2018, the Borough has seven designated neighbourhood areas at the parishes of Wye with Hinxhill, Rolvenden, Bethersden, Boughton Aluph and Eastwell, Pluckley, Hothfield, Charing and Egerton. The Neighbourhood Plans for these parishes are at various stages in their evolution, with the Wye with Hinxhill and Pluckley Plans now adopted. Where Neighbourhood Plan Areas had been established early on in the preparation of this Local Plan, proposals to allocate sites within these areas fall to the neighbourhood plan, where they are non-strategic in nature. Rolvenden Parish Council is committed to allocating land for 40 24 dwellings in its emerging NP and Bethersden Parish Council has allocated land for 34 dwellings in its emerging NP. this is These figures are therefore included within the Housing Trajectory. Hothfield, Charing and Egerton parishes are more recent designations and it has therefore been necessary for the Local Plan to consider and make site allocations within those parishes, where appropriate. That should not exclude those parishes from considering additional proposals for addressing the equivalent (or greater) amount of development through their Neighbourhood Plans.