Local Plan to 2030 - Main Modifications September 2018

Main Modifications to Ashford Local Plan

Policy S11a - Former Bombardier Works (MM16)

Amend paragraphs 4.129.3 and 4.129.4 to read:-

4.129.3 The site and in particular, the railway sidings, has been identified by Southeastern railways, the Department for Transport and Network Rail as a potentially highly important piece of infrastructure that needs to be maintained for rail-operating purposes. The site has the potential to provide additional facilities for the berthing of trains for storage, cleaning and light maintenance. Additional provision of train berthing is required in the Borough in order to accommodate additional rolling stock that is required to meet additional demand for rail services from Ashford and the surrounding network. It is therefore considered vital that the site is initially safeguarded for that purpose, An initial feasibility study for the proposals has indicated that only part of the site would be required for rail use, leaving the remainder of the site open for re-development, although this will need to be subsequently clarified once the position following the re-franchising of the local rail services has been confirmed. In order to avoid the long term sterilisation of the site, detailed proposals for any rail-related use of all or part of the site should be drawn up and granted planning permission (where necessary) within a maximum of 2 years following the adoption of this Local Plan. Thereafter, it is expected that the necessary land ownership arrangements would be made to secure the implementation of such proposals and the long term use of the site. It is considered that employment uses, with a mix of B1-B8 would be most appropriate form development on the remainder of the site.

4.129.4 If, for any reason, the rail operating company / Network Rail subsequently decide within the 2 year safeguarding period that alternative berthing rail-related facilities are to be pursued elsewhere, then it is considered that employment uses, with a mix of B1-B8 uses would be the most appropriate form of redevelopment on the remainder of for the site. the site may be also be redeveloped for an alternative type and scale of commercial development, in discussion with the local planning authority.

Amend Policy S11a criteria a) as follows:

The site is allocated for a mix of operational railway use and commercial (B1-B8 uses) development. Development proposals for the site shall:

a)  Safeguard the site an area of land to the north of the site adjacent to the railway line, including the existing railway sidings, together with a vehicular access route from the west of the site, for operational railway use in accordance with the requirements of the train operators for a maximum period of 2 years after the adoption of this Plan unless it is agreed with the rail operator and Network Rail that the site is no longer required for operational railway use;