Local Plan to 2030 - Main Modifications September 2018

Main Modifications to Ashford Local Plan

Policy S15 - Finberry North West (MM18)

Amend supporting text at 4.160, 4.163, 4.164, 4.167 and 4.169 to read:

4.160 The Local Plan therefore provides the opportunity to re-examine what role this land should now play in achieving a sustainable and deliverable planning solution – one which meets the wider objectives of this Local Plan and is consistent with the NPPF. With this in mind, this site is proposed to deliver up to 300 residential units and around 0.7ha of employment land, 8,500 sqm of employment space, alongside additional community uses to cater for the increase in local population.

4.163 This central area will be expanded (to that currently planned) to include 8,500 sqm around 0.7ha of employment floorspace to maximise its accessibility, promote activity and movement and complement the other non-residential uses that will be delivered here which combined will give the central area much of its vibrancy and sense of place. The masterplan will need to demonstrate that the relationship between the employment uses and the houses proposed is carefully planned. This scale of The employment uses floorspace will envisaged are those which will cater for small and medium employment opportunities. Uses, in In line with evidence that supports the Local Plan, it is unlikely that B2 and B8 employment uses will be sought. However the exact nature of employment provision will need to be determined through the masterplan process and should take into account the prevailing economic conditions at that time. that identifies a need for such space in accessible locations – such as those which enjoy easy access to the strategic road network.

4.164 In addition, the masterplan should explore how flexible space at ground floor level around the central area could be delivered, to cater for start-up businesses of very small scale operations. Live/work units could be delivered as part of any mix of development. shall explore how the delivery of not less than 10 live/work units around the central area can be achieved as a means of providing flexible space at ground floor level to cater for start-up businesses or very small scale operations. This approach will complement similar units which are being implemented through the current scheme, help to enhance the central area and allow for flexibility to cater for changing employment demands over time.

4.167 A green spine consisting of open space and a cycle route will form a key design feature for development on this site. It will connect with the green spine that is currently being implemented and provide clear desire lines and direct access to the adjoining Green Corridor movement network, countryside and beyond. A local children’s play space area will be delivered along this green spine to provide accessible play for the new residents of this area. The Masterplan will also need to demonstrate how public rights of way and bridleways will be incorporated within the Green Spine and at the same time how the scheme will provide a positive contribution to the green corridor functions, in accordance with the updated Green Corridor Action Plan and Policy ENV2.

4.169 As reflected in the housing trajectory that supports this Local Plan (Appendix 5) – and as reflected through the current outline permission – housing development is limited to 700 dwellings at Finberry until M20 Junction 10a is completed. However, should planning permission be granted before this date then the dwellings on this site can come forward provided the overall total figure for the wider site does not exceed the current capacity constraints. This position will need to be agreed with the Council and the Highways Authorities.

Amend policy wording to read:

Policy S15 - Finberry North West

Finberry north-west is allocated for an indicative capacity of 300 residential dwellings and 0.7 ha 8,500sqm of B1-8 employment floor space. Development proposals for this site will be implemented in accordance with a masterplan that has been jointly agreed between all the landowners and the Borough Council which will set out how:

a)  Residential development is delivered in a way that provides

  • A continuation of the current scheme in terms of the design, scale, layout, materials used and style of build.
  • A graduation of average densities across the site with high density development framing the central area through to lower density development where the scheme will make a soft transition to the countryside.
  • Affordable housing in line with Policy HOU1 of this Local Plan in a way that is suitably integrated with the general market housing offer.

b) Employment space is delivered to cater for a mix of small and medium sized uses that provides an extension to the currently planned central area. The masterplan will also establish how not less than 10 live/work units are provided with flexible ground floor space, adjacent to the central area.

c) Landscaping and open space shall be provided in a way that:

  • Provides connectivity and legibility with what is currently being planned and the adjoining Green Corridor networks
  • Delivers a ‘green spine’ – a strategic corridor and cycle route through the site that is complemented by a local children’s play space.
  • Provides a suitable buffer for the development where it adjoins the countryside
  • Makes a positive contribution to the functions of the Green Corridor in accordance with policy ENV2.

d) Suitable ecological and flood alleviation measures are delivered. Appropriate species and habitat surveys should be carried out. Results will inform ecological mitigation and enhancement to be provided on the site and proposals for their future implementation, maintenance and monitoring in accordance with policy ENV1.

e) Suitable flood alleviation measures are delivered.

Development on this site shall also provide:

i) appropriate financial contributions towards the delivery of Highway England’s scheme for a new M20 Junction 10a, and

ii) a connection to the sewerage system at the nearest point of adequate capacity, in collaboration with the service provider.