Local Plan to 2030 - Main Modifications September 2018

Main Modifications to Ashford Local Plan

Policy S16 - Waterbrook (MM19)

Amend supporting text to read:

4.176 Elsewhere on the site, the principal uses should be commercial development (B1, B2 or B8) and residential development. Some ‘sui generis’ uses, such as those found at Orbital Park (e.g. car showrooms) will also be acceptable in principle here. The masterplan shall make provision for a minimum of 20 hectares of commercial development. An additional area of land adjacent to the entrance to the site for similar commercial uses has been included within the site policy area and this could provide an additional 2 hectares of commercial development to enable the delivery of 22 hectares in total, including the net additional area of lorry parking.

4.183 Development of the Waterbrook site is also dependent on the delivery of the additional motorway junction capacity proposed in the M20 Junction 10a scheme. Whilst an initial stage of development (which has planning permission) may come forward in advance of the new junction, occupation of new development on the remainder of the site will need to be restricted until Junction 10a is completed opened to traffic.

Amend Policy wording at c), h), m) and final paragraph to read:

c) Provides for a minimum of 22 hectares of commercial development including the net additional area of lorry parking.

h) Appropriate species and habitat surveys should be carried out. Results will inform ecological mitigation and enhancement measures to be provided on the site and proposals for implementation, maintenance and monitoring in accordance with ENV1. Particular regard should be given to protectings and enhancinges the East Stour river corridor local wildlife site;

m) Provides a proportionate financial contribution towards the delivery of Highway England’s scheme for a new M20 Junction 10a and any other off-site highway improvements identified through agreed transport modelling in accordance with policy TRA8.

No residential development or any commercial development (beyond that with an extant planning permission) shall be occupied until the proposed scheme for M20 Junction 10a is open to traffic. complete, in accordance with policy TRA1.