Local Plan to 2030 - Main Modifications September 2018

Main Modifications to Ashford Local Plan

Policy S19 - Conningbrook residential Phase 2 (MM21)

Amend supporting text to read:

4.216 The woodland area in the northern section of the site will need to be cleared, and options should be explored to retain the. A belt of mature trees along the north-western edge should be retained to provide for natural screening and a buffer between the development and the railway line. If this buffer cannot be provided, other screening options should be explored and provided.

4.220 It is not expected that this site will come forward in advance of the permitted 300 dwelling scheme in Phase 1, as that scheme will enable the delivery of the full country park and its facilities. In any event, the occupation of this site should be dependent on the delivery opening to traffic of the proposed M20 Junction 10a scheme as this provides the additional off-site junction capacity necessary to mitigate the additional traffic generated by the development

4.220.1 To the north-west of the site, within easy walking distance, there is an existing at-level crossing of the railway line. The Council’s preferred solution to this would be to replace the existing crossing with a new pedestrian / cycleway bridge over the railway in order to provide safer access. Therefore, any masterplan for the site should fully investigate the potential for it to deliver a new single bridge crossing over the railway line, in co-ordination with Policy S2, with the intention of retaining the PRoWs as far as possible. In addition, provision should be made for pedestrian linkages via the road bridge to the south west of the site.

Amend policy criteria e) and f) to read:

e) Provide a substantial landscaped screening, incorporating the retention of a belt of mature trees, between the development and the railway line;

f) Proposals for ecological mitigation and enhancement measures are to be provided on the site informed by a habitat survey; Appropriate species and habitat surveys should be carried out. Results will inform ecological mitigation and enhancement measures to be provided on the site and proposals for implementation, maintenance and monitoring in accordance with ENV1.

Final paragraph of policy to read:

Development on this site shall not be occupied until the proposed scheme for M20 Junction 10a is complete opened to traffic, in accordance with Policy TRA1, unless otherwise agreed with the Council and Highways England.