Local Plan to 2030 - Main Modifications September 2018

Main Modifications to Ashford Local Plan

Policy S31 - Hamstreet, Land North of St Mary's Close (MM32)

Amend site map to incorporate green buffer:

Amend supporting text paragraphs 4.314 and 4.318 to read:

4.314 The site is opposite the Hamstreet Primary Academy and the development of this site presents a unique opportunity to deliver improved facilities for the school which currently has limited space within its existing site. Development of the site would enable the provision of a youth football pitch (Under 14/15s) with an associated changing room facility (2 room and storage) for the use of the Academy that could also be used by the wider community. Also, the Academy currently has limited car parking on site and this is an opportunity to provide additional staff car parking spaces within the new development. It is important that the football pitch, its associated facilities and the car parking areas for the school are well integrated into the development and are designed to reduce visual impact to a practical minimum. Details of any fencing, including its height, materials and design shall need to be carefully considered. The location of the football pitch and school parking area shall be towards the western end of the site in close proximity to the main school buildings opposite. The site will also enable the provision of a small, single storey an outdoor classroom facility and this should be located on the north-eastern edge of the site, within the landscape buffer there within the second phase of the development. The expansion and improvement of the Academy’s facilities will also help to facilitate the expansion of the academy to a full 2FE school.

4.318 The location of the development site adjoining open countryside and sensitive woodland areas means that the density of new development should be relatively low and provide generous landscaped buffers to the northern and eastern boundaries. Where the site adjoins ancient woodland to the north, a landscaped buffer of at least 30 metres from any built development should be provided in accordance with the Policies Map for the site. This buffer area should exclude any areas of residential curtilage or car parking and only circulatory footpaths with no hard surface may be provided. A mix of dwelling types and sizes should be provided. The site has a rural aspect and given the character and appearance of the surrounding area, dwellings no greater than 2 storeys in height would be appropriate here. The design and layout of any scheme must take account of the residential amenity of neighbouring occupiers. The Hamstreet Village Design Statement should be taken into account to achieve a suitably designed development that reflects local character and to ensure that any development makes a positive contribution to the built environment. This should similarly ensure that the design of the sports and educational facilities on site also respond well to local design and character, avoiding excessive clutter and paraphernalia in this sensitive landscape setting.

Amend policy criteria a), b), c), d), i) l) and n) to read:

Development proposals for this site shall:

a) Provide a new youth football pitch to Football Association standards with changing room facilities and storage, for use by the Academy and by the wider community at other times, which should be well-designed and integrated into the overall layout, and avoid excessive paraphernalia and lighting in line with Policy ENV4;

b) Provide a new area of staff car parking for the Academy with a minimum of 60 spaces which would be used to serve the new football pitch at other times, to be placed within close proximity to the school and with a view to safeguarding residential amenity;

c) Provide an outdoor classroom facility for the Academy at the north-eastern edge of the site;

d) Be designed and laid out to take account of the residential amenity of neighbouring occupiers. Particular attention needs to be given to the topography of the site and dwellings should be oriented to enable overlooking and natural surveillance of open areas. The No development on the site should be no more than two storeys in height. The guidance in the Hamstreet Village Design Statement shall inform the design and layout of the development, including any non-residential elements.

i) Provide a generous landscaped buffer to the northern and eastern boundaries of the site, with a minimum of 30m between the built footprint of any development and the northern boundary with the adjacent Ancient Woodland;

l) Consider the impact upon views to and from the site due to internal and local topography, informed by a landscape and visual impact assessment, to determine appropriate structural and internal landscaping and building heights, and having particular regard to the significance of the adjacent SSSI and Ancient Woodland;

n) Ensure appropriate species and habitat surveys are carried out. Results will inform ecological mitigation and enhancement measures to be provided on the site and proposals for implementation, maintenance and monitoring in accordance with ENV1.