Local Plan to 2030 - Main Modifications September 2018

Main Modifications to Ashford Local Plan

Policy S35 - Mersham, Land adjacent to Village Hall (MM36)

Amend supporting text and policy wording first sentence as follows:

4.346 This site provides an opportunity to facilitate an extension to the Village Hall as well as additional parking provision. It is within walking distance of the village centre and the range of services provided there. It is considered suitable for residential development for up to an indicative capacity of 10 dwellings (at around 15 dwellings per hectare).

The site on land adjacent to Mersham Village Hall is proposed for residential development, for up to an indicative capacity of 10 dwellings.

Add new criteria e):

e) Provide contributions towards the enhancement or maintenance of public open space and equipped play at the village recreation ground in accordance with Policy COM2.