Local Plan to 2030 - Main Modifications September 2018

Main Modifications to Ashford Local Plan

Policy S37 - Smarden, Land adj. to Village Hall (MM38)

Revised map of site reflecting planning approval as follows:

Amend paragraphs 4.360, 4.362, 4.363, 4.365:

4.360 This site is located along The Street, the main route through the village. It is currently a field in agricultural use, bounded by hedgerows and trees. The site has outline planning permission for up to 50 dwellings which was granted on appeal in 2017 (16/00045/AS).

4.362 At approx. 1.2ha 3.25 ha in size, the site is considered suitable for around 25 units 50 units, dependant on a suitable layout and design. Development should enhance the character of this part of the street by providing attractive frontage development which fits in with the street scene, whilst preserving the rural edge by backing on to the countryside.

4.363 Development of this site is proposed at a low density (around 25dph), and should reflect the open landscape, and the density of the surrounding developments by providing lower densities along the countryside edge. The design of proposals coming forward should also reflect the 'guidelines' set out in the Smarden Parish Design Statement.

4.365 The area alongside the village hall in the south is highly visible from the main street, and is an important aspect of the village hall setting and usage. It also contains a PRoW that leads into the countryside. This area should be provided as informal Public Open Space, as shown indicatively on the policies map, which will benefit the village hall users and new residents and will also minimise the visibility of the new development.

Amend policy wording to read:

The site adjacent to the Village Hall in Smarden is proposed for residential development for up to 25 an indicative capacity of 50 dwellings. Development proposals for this site shall:

Amend criterion b) to read:

b) Create an area of informal Public Open Space along the southern parcel of the site, adjacent to the memorial hall, which includes the existing PRoW, as shown on the policies map;