Local Plan to 2030 - Main Modifications September 2018

Main Modifications to Ashford Local Plan

Policy S59 - Mersham, Land at Old Rectory Close (MM56)

Amend paragraphs 4.521 and 4.525:

4.521 The site is considered suitable indicatively for up to 15 8 dwellings. The developable area of the site, taking into account the existing trees and ponds, is around 1ha, and therefore residential development would result in a low maximum density of 10dph 15dph, which is appropriate and suitable with regards to the Conservation Area location and reflects local character and density. The access to the site should be from Old Rectory Close, as shown on the policies map.

4.525 Due to the close proximity of the village recreation ground, on-site provision of public open space will not be expected but appropriate contributions towards the management, maintenance and enhancement of the village recreation ground provision will be sought. Tthere is an opportunity to create an informal footpath access to the adjoining recreation field which should be explored and to consolidate connections to footpaths and cycleways on this site which would serve to improve sustainable overall connectivity within the village provided which link to the local network.

Amend first sentence and criteria a) d) e) f) and insert additional h) as follows:

The site at Old Rectory Close is proposed for residential development of up to 15 with an indicative capacity of 8 dwellings. Development proposals for this site shall:

a) Be laid out to complement and not detract from the setting of the listed buildings adjacent to and nearby the site and conserve the setting of the Conservation Area within which it is located Ensure the design and layout of the development preserves or enhances the setting of listed buildings in the vicinity of the site and the character and appearance of the Mersham Conservation Area;

d) Retain all mature trees on site, incorporating these into a coherent overall landscape design;

e) Provide new pedestrian and cycle routes throughout the development and connections to existing rural routes and local services; in particular provide an access through the site to the adjacent playing fields and then, in consultation with the Parish Council, a suitably surfaced footpath across the recreation ground to connect to Glebelands.

f)   Ensure appropriate species and habitat surveys are carried out. Results will inform ecological mitigation and enhancement measures to be provided on the site and proposals for implementation, maintenance and monitoring in accordance with ENV1. Particular regard should be given to retaining the on-sidesite ponds integrated into a coherent landscaping scheme that maintains and enhances ensure habitat connectivity to the wider area for biodiversity benefit; and

h) Provide a connection to the nearest point of adequate capacity in the sewerage network, in collaboration with the service provider.